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Running vests with sports dna

We designed our insulated women's running vests with activity in mind. Are you an active woman who cannot imagine the fall-winter season without running? The running vest will work well as a light and warm outer garment or as a complement to your training outfit. It will protect you from the cold where it matters most, i.e. within the body. And at the same time it looks great on a daily basis, between workouts.

How to wear and with what to combine running vests?

Nessi Sportswear running vests can be worn directly over a blouse or, when it is extremely cold, over a jacket or windstopper. They perfectly match our monocolors from the current and previous collections. Create your ideal training duo for colder days - a blouse and vest for the runner. With such a composed set, no unexpected break in the weather, will not interrupt your running adventure.

Innovative women's running vest - what advantages does it have?

Women's running vest Nessi Sportswear will provide you with multidirectional protection against the cold, thanks to the use of, up to 4 different functional materials. This is thermal comfort to the power of 4! Their well-thought-out construction efficiently wicks away moisture and excess heat, so you will not get cold or overheat while running. Our insulated running vest is characterized by a high level of thermoactivity. The sports character of the product is confirmed by the extended cut at the back. It shields the lower back, which is sensitive to wind chill, as well as ensures that the running vest does not roll up during exercise. Practical pockets and a zipper closure complete the functionality.

Insulated running vests essential in fall and winter.

Uncertain weather outside? Don't know whether to wear a jacket or maybe just a blouse? This is a classic problem in transitional periods, as well as throughout the fall-winter season. In such a situation, a women's running vest will be perfect, which is an optimal compromise between the warmer elements of your sports closet. If it is too warm for a jacket, put a running vest over a blouse. Such a solution will provide you with appropriate thermal comfort and protect the body from wind chill. On the other hand, if you plan to run in extremely cold temperatures, it is worth putting an insulated vest over the jacket. In this way, you will prevent cooling down and protect parts of the body that are sensitive to cold.

Where to buy and how to order women's running vests?

You can buy functional running vests in the online store Choose from four authorial patterns, which will give you a lot of energy and a huge dose of motivation at training. To make a purchase, put the product you are interested in into the shopping cart - only a few clicks and two working days separate you from completing your running closet! The running vest is an extremely important part of the training outfit in fall and winter.