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Training underwear – no more discomfort!

You love sports and the only thing that bothers you is uncomfortable underwear? Chafing, abrasions or non-breathable fabric is something that can take away the joy of even the most pleasant activity. And even worse, it can affect the effectiveness of performed exercises. Worse result due to the  panties elastic cutting in – better to avoid it. You can easily do it! It is enough to get the appropriate training underwear. You will ask – what is the appropriate one? The answer is obvious: the one that you practically do not feel. Nessi can guarantee you that. Seamless underwear perfectly adjusting to the shape of the body will make panties almost imperceptible. And intense strength training, running or mountain climbing will take on a new dimension. The clothing cannot and will not restrict you!

Underwear for training and not only

During training, the key function of underwear is to wick moisture away. Ensuring high thermal comfort is conducive to the prophylaxis of intimate health. Additionally, it reduces the formation of unpleasant odors caused by the multiplication of bacteria. Why not take advantage of such capabilities also on a daily basis? Nessi underwear combines elegance and practice. It is durable, does not lose colors and does not deform even after many washes, so you can enjoy its benefits every day.

Thermoactive training underwear for everyone

It is worth remembering about the right choice of underwear during outdoor activities. The autumn-winter season is extremely difficult for athletes in terms of choosing the appropriate wardrobe. Therefore it is worth getting thermoactive blouses and longsleeves. Worn under a shirt, thanks to proper ventilation and moisture removal will allow you to maintain the right body temperature.

Underpants or under-shorts may prove to be no less useful. Will provide warmth and comfort during  autumn and winter activities and at the same time will not allow overheating. When choosing underwear for training, ladies should additionally equip themselves with sports bras to ensure comfort and freedom of movement.

Did we mention that our underwear is not only practical but also beautiful? You can find it in all Nessi patterns, as well as single-color. There you can find classic black, frenetic red and practical beige. Our underwear is made with your comfort in mind, in harmony with aesthetics.