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Insulated neck snoods - an outdoor classic

Nessi Sportswear insulated snoods have already become a permanent fixture on the wide outdoor landscape. Today we can't imagine an outing to the mountains, running training or cycling on colder days without wrapping our necks with a warm sports snood. A simple walk to the park or an outing to the city is also a great opportunity to wear this versatile piece of material. They gained their popularity thanks to the small size - you can always have a women's sports snood with you, in your pocket, backpack, or in the bum bag. It fulfills many functions and can be worn in several ways. It is no surprise that insulated neck snoods are hugely popular.

Our women's bandanas are perfect for training or running competitions, or for winter trekking in the mountains. You will successfully wear them on bicycle trips on windy days. This accessory is indispensable during changing weather conditions, in the fall-winter period, when you want to shield yourself from cool air and cold gusts of wind.

What are the advantages of Nessi Sportswear snoods?

The main advantage of our insulated neck snoods is protection from the cold and penetrating wind, especially in the fall-winter season. Quick moisture wicking is an important feature that is vital during outdoor activities. It will make us feel fresh during training and will protect from the wind chill the important neck area, as well as ears and sinuses.

Women's sports snoods are sewn from material that is gentle to the skin and pleasant to the touch. Its fibers with high flexibility are responsible for comfortable and easy putting on the bandana. Women's insulated snoods are characterized by durability and resistance to UV rays. Thus, they will serve you for many seasons of intensive use. In addition, their remarkable colors will retain their saturation for years.

Don't worry about unpleasant odors and irritation - Nessi Sportswear neck snoods prevent the proliferation of bacteria, are anti-allergic, and we finish them with extreme precision and flat seams. Their compact size causes that no matter where you go or what you intend to do, you can always have them with you.

How to wear and what to pair Nessi Sportswear insulated snoods with?

There are three main ways to wear bandanas. Classically, according to the original purpose, that is, around the neck. The second way is to convert the insulated snood into a headband that protects the ears, sinuses and forehead. It is also popular to make it into something like a hat, by tying one of the  ends and putting it on the head. As you can see, it is not without reason that neck snoods are often referred to as multifunctional. The right name for the right product. And what is your way of wearing this accessory?

Considering that we offer our insulated snoods in both solid, energetic colors and authorial, unconventional patterns, they will be an excellent complement to your sports outfits for training, as well as everyday stylizations. They will form a perfect duo with our jackets and leggings in the same colors. We also have something for fans of classic black and more subdued variants.

Where to buy insulated neck snoods?

Women's insulated sports snoods can be found in the Nessi Sportswear online store, in the outdoor accessories tab. Choose from a wide range of universal insulated neck snoods, which will work  well during outdoor workouts, as well as in many everyday situations. Make your purchase in a few intuitive steps, and we will take care of hassle-free and efficient service and the fastest shipping possible. No worries - we will inform you by email about every stage of your order. We wish you a successful shopping. Nessi Sportswear team.