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Sports snood scarves – essentials in your wardrobe

The sunrise over the sea, morning run in the forest, mountain trekking... the nature gives us a variety of opportunities to spend time actively, but the gusty wind can disturb you, no matter where you are and what you are doing. Fortunately, we have a way of dealing with it: Nessi sports snood scarves in two seasonal versions are a reliable protection of the neck, nape and head – particularly sensitive zones that we need to care for in the first place.

The use of sports snood scarves is much wider – because we love them primarily for their multi-functionality. When put on the head, the flexible snood scarf turns into a headband or bandana, sometimes it is useful for tying long hair or dreadlocks and when you are struggling with the piercing wind or sand falling into your mouth and nose then you can slide it high over your face and wear like a balaclava. The need is the mother of inventions – it has been known for a long time!

Breathable snood scarves for warm days

Windstorms also break up in summer and whoever has sailed on the open sea or got up before dawn at a mountain bivouac knows that the cold is twice as hard then. To avoid cooling off, do not leave the house without a breathable summer snood scarf. Our model made of thin Resi Slim knitted fabric will easily fit even in a pocket of shorts – it is hard to believe that such a small accessory has so many advantages!

The most important of them is excellent breathability, which is especially crucial feature in the summer season. The material allows air to pass freely and constantly releases excess heat from the skin – because the summer sun and movement will quickly make you warm up in spite of the wind. The delicate fabric does not irritate or rub the skin and thanks to its high durability it will retain its full value for many seasons.

Sports snood scarves in the winter version

A warm snood or a sports bandana are a convenient alternative to traditional scarves that do not always fit under the jacket's collar and their flying ends often interfere with activities. The construction of the tube and the thin fabric eliminate both of these problems – one move is enough to wrap the neck and nape with pleasant warmth.

We sew winter sports snood scarves from the thermoactive Cubic Guard knitted fabric, composed of two layers: the inner one insulates against the cold, while the outer one is responsible for draining moisture away from the skin. This way, even on steep mountain ascents or crazy snowboarding descents, you keep a pleasant feeling of freshness and the damp material does not cool the body down. Sports snood scarves are also a stylish accessory to your outfit – choose a timeless, elegant black or a strong color hit and go against the winter gray!