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Outdoor - activity close to nature

Outdoor is a very general term, actually describing everything related to sport and recreation in the fresh air. Closely related to excursions, travel, outings to the mountains, active tourism and trekking. Close to active people, just like Nessi Sport and the slogan "close to active".  In order to fully enjoy the benefits of the outdoors, it is worth betting on clothing that will work well in all, even the most difficult weather conditions.

Nessi outdoor sportswear and accessories

For the fall-winter season, with the Lively 22'23 collection, we have prepared a full range of outdoor wear made of innovative materials and the best quality insulations. To face the difficult and changeable weather in the coming months, it is worth taking care to protect yourself from the cold in the most effective way possible.

In such a situation, down jackets, zipped jackets and classic windstoppers will undoubtedly work well. It is worth supplementing your closet with quilted vests - elegant, and at the same time perfectly protecting the body in fall and during transitional periods. For thermal comfort, as one of the layers under a jacket or as outerwear, bet on one of our blouses. In the offer of the Nessi Sport store you will find: zipped blouses, hooded, thermoactive and designer sports blouses.

You can complete your outfit for outdoor activities with insulated, thermoactive or multisport leggings. They will work well both during intensive outdoor training and during "indoor" exercises. Going for a hike in the mountains or just a longer walk - try our insulated tracksuit pants.

To ensure maximum comfort, it is worth taking care of covering the head, sinuses, neck and hands. You will do this with outdoor accessories. First of all, with insulated, thermoactive and double-sided hats. You can use reliable multifunctional thermoactive snoods in many ways. Whereas, your hands will be protected by thermoactive gloves. Equally important are breathable panties, which will work well at all times, regardless of the sport you practice.

Tourist accessories "must have" - women's bum bags sachets

One of the essential outdoor accessories are women's bum bags. You will appreciate them in many different situations - both during outdoor activities and on a daily basis, for example, while walking. Going trekking in the mountains or traveling? Thanks to Nessi Sport women's sachets, you will always have all the most valuable items with you and at hand. They will successfully fit your keys, wallet, smartphone and even a half-liter bottle.

Nessi Sport outdoor store

You can buy tourist wear, designed for the broader outdoors, in the Nessi Sport online store. We offer an assortment that will meet all the needs of female activity enthusiasts. It is with us that you will complete your closet with all the essential elements - from hats through jackets, leggings/pants to socks. We wish you successful shopping. Nessi Sport team.