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Panties and knickers for lovers of an active lifestyle

Although a lingerie remains hidden under clothing, it is worth paying attention to its selection: properly tailored knickers or panties, made of functional fabric are the basis of comfort during sports training.

Each of us is different: we differ in the types of silhouettes, kinds of favorite activities, individual taste and the threshold of comfort. Regardless of your preferences, you can be certain that perfect underwear is waiting for you in Nessi: in our offer you will find various models of sports panties, always comfortable and silky delicate. Classic full knickers, more tailored tangos, thongs with high or medium waist – choose your favorite style or try them all!

Practical designs of sports panties

High-waisted underwear perfectly holds the belly, delicately shapes the figure and covers the lower part of the loins. Such a comfortable design is very popular among fans of activity, therefore we have prepared both full knickers and thongs in this version.

We wear sports panties under tight-fitting leggings or shorts and by deciding on our offer you have the guarantee that the seams of the lingerie will not be visible under the clothes. Just choose thongs or laser-cut, seamless panties invisible even under the most fitted outfit.

What we sew panties and knickers from?

The basic material of our panties and knickers is Amet Fibra – flexible, delicate as a feather knitted fabric, up to 20% lighter in comparison with other materials used in the production of sports clothes. Thanks to the tubular structure of Amet Fibra, it collects and wick moisture away from the skin on an ongoing basis, efficiently transports it to the outside and dries quickly. This will give you a constant feeling of hygienic freshness and make it easier to prepare the underwear for the next use – you will see how quickly you can put it in the drawer after washing!

In the production of our panties and knickers we also use Hygiene Flow technology that eliminates the risk of multiplication of bacteria and odors caused by them. The delicacy of Amet Fibra goes hand in hand with high durability, this is a quality you can rely on, regardless of how intensively you train. You don't have to wear your lingerie only for training because the comfort it provides you deserve every day.

Cotton panties and knickers – the quintessence of comfort

Cotton panties are an underwear classic that never loses its relevance. Their natural material is extremely pleasant to touch and allows air to pass freely; it is perfect to wear both at work or school, as well as during training, long walks and outdoor recreation. When designing our cotton knickers, we combined tradition with modernity: cotton is enriched with a small admixture of flexible yarn which provides a good fit and strengthens the entire structure, we have replaced standard seams with gluing which resulted in perfect smoothness. Nothing gets stuck, nothing to bother – just a second skin!