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Thermoactive wear – what to look for when buying

In winter, we train outside in low temperatures. Thermoactive wear will be perfect for running, nordic walking, mountain hiking as well as for skating or skiing. It's worth having it in your wardrobe because thermoactive leggings, thermoactive blouse or insulated accessories have a significant impact on our comfort and – thus – the effectiveness of training.

When buying thermoactive wear you must pay attention particularly to the material which should be breathable and wicks away moisture well. Nessi Sportswear thermoactive wear meets these requirements. It is made of innovative knitted fabric Vetur Guard which combines sufficiently low grammage and high thermoactivity. The material is surprisingly thin – thanks to this it works
perfectly with the body. It has been tested by athletes in difficult weather conditions.             

Thermal wear made of Vetur Guard will keep you warm and the organism won't cool down. That's all you need for training in low temperatures. Special design inspired by the structure of the honeycomb, makes the material durable and flexible.

Thermoactive clothes – how do they function?

In order for sports clothes to be functional and serve us during activity, they must meet a number of conditions. Our thermoactive clothes will be the best companions for winter training because they work well in low temperatures.

During training you exercise and sweat and a layer of moisture appears on the skin. Nessi thermoactive wear is characterized by high breathability, so it collects sweat from the skin into its structures and then evaporates it to the outside. Moreover, thanks to the heat generated by our body, it helps to maintain its proper temperature. Our thermoactive clothes do not let warm air escape and block the ingress of cold from the outside. Additionally a nap which we placed inside our thermoactive blouses, hats, gloves or leggings provides a pleasant experience for the skin.
Why our thermal wear is made for training – can't you just exercise in cotton? The answer is: definitely not. Cotton wear soaks up with sweat, retain it in its structures making you cool down and you are burdened with heavy material.

Women's thermoactive wear – what models you will find in Nessi Sportswear assortment?

Appropriate material is the key to success when it comes to thermal clothing and underwear. Women's thermoactive wear should also be distinguished by a proper fit to the silhouette, lightness and unique patterns. Our clothes will certainly meet your expectations in terms of functionality. We remembered that you may want to create a consistent stylization by reaching for our products therefore, we have a whole range of clothes and accessories for You.

  • Thermoactive women's leggings WSLZ are our sports proposition made of insulated material. High, covering waistband protects from cooling down and at the same time performs a slimming function. Capacious pocket, non-translucent material and the best fit. In Nessi Sportswear you will find two models: with regular length of the legs and 7/8.
  • Thermal tracksuit pants WSDN  are another option for training and active recreation on cold days. Thanks to the appropriate cut, they will provide you with freedom of movement and three pockets will allow you to safely store everything you want to have at hand. WSDN is more than a tracksuit – it is a synonym of convenience and comfort.
  • Thermoactive women's blouse WBKZ is a must-have for cold days. It has a full-length zipper, a step lock and a smart pocket with a grommet. Durable, insulated materialwill work well during a variety of activities.
  • Thermoactive women's gloves AR  are the basis during winter. Protect your hands thanks to the appropriate material and a cuff that helps to retain warmth. Smart touch system will allow you to conveniently use the phone without taking off gloves, regardless of whether you want to check the track, change the song or take a selfie.
  • Thermoactive short hat ACSI is suitable for cold days. Protects the sinuses and ears from chilling and thanks to the appropriate cut, it will also work well under the helmet.
  • Thermal reversible women's hat ACI it is a cut called smurfette. Not only will it allow you to protect yourself from the cold; you will also create many interesting stylizations.
    Thermal wear – how to take care of it so that it will serve for a long time?

In order for clothes to serve us longer, they should be taken care of by washing properly. Nessi thermal wear also requires special care however it is not complicated. Remember to wash our women's thermal wear at temperature up to 40o C. Before washing, it is worth checking pockets to make certain that there are no tissues or sharp items left that could damage our leggings or a blouse. Before washing fasten pockets. Clothes with sharp ends or velcro fasteners can not be found in the washing machine. The whole will be complemented by the use of agents intended for sportswear.