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Swimming wear and accessories for fans of water sports

Water sports and activities open up the ocean of possibilities for you. By overcoming successive lengths in  the swimming pool, you sculpt muscles and burn calories, while training for triathlon you face limits of your own endurance. Leisurely swimming or aqua-aeribics wonderfully soothe an overloaded spine and gently firm the skin. Vacation by the sea or lake is a separate topic: jumping on the bomb from the pier, sunbathing on pedal boats or surfing on a board will charge you with positive energy for the whole upcoming winter – which, by the way, does not exclude splashing in the water at all: maybe you belong to the group that proudly admitted in the past season: I was „ice swimming”?

Water is an element, energy, relief and joy – and if you equip yourself with functional wear and accessories for swimming, you will not want to go ashore!

Practical wear for swimming and winter swimming

Good swimsuit must meet several basic conditions: fit to the figure, functional cut, full coverage, resistance to external factors. The material from which we sew our costumes has all these features: modern, functional knitted fabric Brisbane. Thanks to excellent flexibility, it fits tightly to the body and at the same time works with your every move.

Nessi bathing costumes also attract attention with our famous prints: Blue Ocean is actually made for them! Upon request, you can also move to the tropical jungle of Selva and with Green Mystery pattern you will dive to the very bottom of the ocean. Only a few got there!

Accessories for swimming and winter swimming

Did you choose your favorite? Select a towel for it – our patterns also landed on them, on both sides! The material of Nessi towels is thin, light microfiber. After folding the material takes up  little space which makes the towel an ideal choice for a trip, bivouac or beach – the more that microfiber is second to none in terms of absorbency and dries instantly. After hanging it in the sun, you won't have to wait long to put the towel in your bag.

Interesting alternative is the bathing poncho made of frotte cotton, equipped with a hood and spacious front pocket. After coming out of the water, you will hide in it from the cool wind and when you do not see the screen in sight, you will be able to discreetly change.

Nessi patterns also reign on pareo – a wrapper with exotic vibe is the ideal background for the feast of colors, flowers and tropical fauna that dominate in our prints. You can use pareo as a skirt or dress, it will protect your head or shoulders from the scorching sun and while walking along the seashore in the waving cloth in the wind you will feel like a princess.