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Cotton blouses for women – sporty elegance at its best

Long time ago blouses sneaked out of baseball stadiums and running tracks. Today it is the essential element of women's wardrobe, the basis of outfits for weekend walks, meetings with friends and even for offices – not only the home ones! The combination of sport and elegance is one of the hottest trends in recent years and super trendy athleisure or streetwear styles are triumphant in the fashion industry and on city streets. The design of blouses has also undergone stylish matamorphosis: designers are no longer limited to college prints and expressive branding. On blouses appear impressive, artistic graphics, applications made of synthetic leather, lace and even jewellery stones. Blouses from Issen Casual series perfectly match this aesthetic: we have put our unique graphics on them.

Comfortable blouses made of natural cotton:

Our prints, as well as the entire Issen Casual collection are inspired by the richness and beauty of nature. Therefore, the choice of the material for blouses was obvious – it is natural, organic cotton manufactured by means of sustainable production, with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate confirming its highest quality and neutrality in contact with the skin. Slight addition of elastane increases flexibility of the knitted fabric and makes the garment retain its form throughout its use. All models of Issen blouses are fully vegan, including their leather-textured emblems – their material is washpapa i.e. a special paper that replaces natural leather.

Advantages of cotton are widely known – it is not without reason that they are at the forefront of the most popular clothing materials. Fleshy cotton knitted fabric wraps the body with pleasant warmth and at the same time allows the skin to breathe freely. Material does not scratch or sensitize and thanks to its durability will retain its properties for many months.

Women's blouses in fashionable styles

Classic crewneck with welts shaping the silhouette is universal choice for ladies of all types of figure. If you are looking for model for cold days, choose a hoodie: the front pocket will effectively  warm your hands and in spacious hood you will hide from the chill and wind.