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Thermoactive underwear – must-have for active people 

There is no bad weather for outdoor training – this motto guided us when creating our offer for running enthusiasts. All you need to do is reach for specialized sportswear and nothing will spoil your running date! Thermoactive underwear is a must-have in the wardrobe of every sports freak.
You will find out soon that thanks to this inconspicuous part of sports clothing you can feel comfortable even when carrying out crazy travel and sports challenges. 

Women's thermoactive underwear

Thermoactive underwear from Nessi harmonizes with body movements and supports the muscles in strenuous work. We made thermoactive panties and knickers for a typically sports purpose in seamless technology. Lightweight and flexible material creates a second skin impression and at the same time efficiently transports moisture to the outside which allows you to avoid chafing or painful abrasions, sometimes precluding the full intensity of training.   

Gaiters and underpants protect the sensitive skin of the groin against abrasions and irritations. They do not roll or shift during performed exercises. We limited the number of seams to a minimum and thanks to the innovative Amet Fibra knitted fabric properties our gaiters are light, durable, breathe well and additionally stimulate the work of muscles. You can successfully use them for various types of physical activity. 

If you don't accept compromises and love intense trainings then sports t-shirts, boxers and longsleeves are the basis of your wardrobe. We have caressed our models in every way. We took care of increased moisture removal zones, seamless welts at the end of sleeves and pleasant to touch, breathable fabric. Color is of great importance in our collections and we do not resign from it also in the case of thermoactive underwear. Why is it worth choosing vivid colors? They give you energy, improve your mood and motivate to go out for training even on a gloomy and rainy day.

Men's thermoactive underwear

Men are more often convinced  of thermoactive underwear – and very well, because shorts, boxers, underpants or running drawers significantly contribute to increase the effectiveness of training. Protect against abrasions, chafing or skin irritations and adhere tightly to it without limiting the range of movements in any way. Our thermoactive underwear is made of stretchy and durable knitted fabrics, resistant to permanent deformation and pilling.