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Sports accessories – an important addition to a training outfit

It is said that the devil resides in the details and there is a lot of truth in it – also in the world of sport. When composing a training garment you should necessarily include a few accessories that thanks to their functionality will take training comfort to a new level and their impressive design with our colorful prints will revive every outfit and fill you with positive energy!

Sports accessories – women's headwear

A cap with a visor is a summer classic – the cover effectively protects the head and eyes from the scorching sun, you can wear it for jogging, bike trip, in the mountains and for long walks along the seashore. In a pleasantly moderate temperature when you do not need a full head cover, choose a sports visor that will replace you sunglasses.

It happens that even in summer the piercing wind can be felt, all the ladies who train ultra running in the higher parts of the mountains, spend their holidays on trekking or sailing know about it. Due to the fact that the head and ear areas are particularly prone to cooling off, a light headgear is the basis of an outfit for outdoor training.

There are many options to choose from: For warmer days you only need a flexible band that protects the sensitive area of the ears and sinuses. Like all Nessi women's sports accessories, the running headbands are also made of a fabric with excellent breathability parameters. The knitwear effectively wicks moisture away from the skin surface, what will allow you to freely cover next kilometers without sweat flooding your eyes. A similar function and properties has our multifunctional, breathable snood scarf which you can put on your neck or head, depending on your needs.

Women's sports accessories for cold days

In autumn and winter, a sports balaclava will be perfect, suitable both for self-wearing and in combination with a hat or a helmet. The balaclava fits tightly to the head and neck, effectively insulating against the cold; its delicate fabric and flat seams at the same time prevent skin irritation. Thanks to the ventilation panels in the sensitive zones, you can breathe freely even during intense exercise.

All mentioned sports accessories are light and thin. After folding they take up virtually no space. This way you won't be surprised by any weather breakdown: before going out for training just slip a snood scarf or a headband into your pocket and take it out at any time when the wind breaks. The owners of lush hair also like to use them as an emergency elastic to fasten hair.

Sports accessories for hand protection

The hands are just as sensitive to the cold as the head and ears. Sports gloves are a must-have for running training, cycling expedition, Nordic Walking – wherever you need full freedom of movement and you cannot warm hands in pockets. Thin, fitted PRO gloves precisely adjust to the hand shape and thanks to their flexible fabric, do not restrict moves. In our offer you will find models compatible with touch screens – you do not need to take off gloves to turn on the heart rate monitor, pick up the phone or shoot yourself a photo on the summit you just won!

Fast-drying towels – universal training accessories

The range of women's sports accessories is complemented by microfiber towels, useful at the swimming pool, on the beach, in the fitness club and for every trip, especially if you only take hand luggage. Why? Microfibers are several dozen times thinner than cotton ones and after folding the towel will become smaller than your water bottle. At the same time microfiber has excellent absorbency and when hung, moisture evaporates instantly. An additional advantage of our towels is their design – the hallmark of Nessi: Sports accessories of such good look make every training lighter and more pleasant!