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Product code: T-2

Color: Black-Grey-Red

Sex: Unisex

With silver ions

Thermoactive socks with silver ions are expert socks for all active people who are not afraid of challenges. The technological solutions applied in them protect the foot and calf against the consequences of prolonged effort and stress, heat dissipation zones protect against overheating, and silver ions prevent the propagation of bacteria and fungi.

They do not absorb moisture

The knit from which the socks were made does not absorb moisture and quickly transports it to the outside.
The model uses an innovative elastic band system that securely holds the sock in one position, preventing it from moving and twisting. Three-layer terry cloth perfectly suppresses all kinds of vibrations transmitted from the ground, and flat seams prevent the feet from scratches and chafing.



They limit the propagation of bacteria, mold and fungi. The antibacterial agent has been applied to the fiber mass, which prevents it from rinsing even after repeated washing.

They prevent the formation of unpleasant odors. Silver ions ensure high hygiene during physical activity, ensuring a feeling of freshness and dryness.

They maintain the optimal temperature of the foot. Prolen Thermo drains excess heat away, providing thermal comfort in all conditions.

They stimulate muscle work during physical activity.

They dry quickly. They were made of a material that is characterized by low absorption of H2O and special ventilation zones were used. As a result, moisture is quickly discharged into the layers away from the skin, and the feet are always dry.

They do not twist. The innovative elastic band system keeps the socks in one position.

They do not cause abrasions and chaffing due to the use of flat seams.

They absorb shock thanks to the three-layer, appropriately profiled terry finish.


Prolen Siltex, Prolen

Composition: Prolen Siltex 75%, Prolene 10%, Elastane 10%, Gumitex 5%.