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Product code: DFU-59

Colour: Purple

Gender: Woman


The tank top is elastic, skin-friendly and highly breathable. In areas of increased perspiration, i.e. on the back and under the bust, there are zones of accelerated moisture removal with a 3D channel system. They absorb the sweat from the surface of the skin and wick it away, providing a feeling of freshness and dryness during intensive workouts.

The tank top includes the so-called mono corpus, without seams. The remaining seams are flat, so they do not cause abrasions or irritation of the skin.

The tank top is easy to keep clean and does not absorb unpleasant smells.

An additional advantage of the top is the durability of the colour, that looks perfect even after many washings and numerous trainings in the sun.


It is not recommended using the tank top with a classic backpack or a running backpack with a water bag.





Amet Fibra Material

The latest generation material that combines aesthetics, functionality and perfect fit.

Its fibers work on the principle of a wick: through the canal system, they collect moisture from the surface of the skin and transport it outside. Thanks to this material, the T-shirts breathe extremally well and dry quickly.

Amet fiber is exceptionally light (up to 20% compared to other fabrics) as well as very durable.

The modern weave of yarn makes the material extremely delicate and soft to the touch , guaranteeing the highest comfort when used.

Polyamide, used for the production of Amet Fibra material, makes the clothing made of it not absorb moisture and additionally increases the air circulation, thanks to which the skin can breathe freely

Composition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane.

Shirt women

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 Height 154 - 160 160 - 168 168 - 176
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