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Product code: SN2-08

Color: Blue - grey

Sex: Unisex

Provide thermal comfort

SN2 socks are an offer directed at all skiers and snowboarders. Ideally suited to difficult terrain conditions and disciplines, where the legs are particularly subjected to heavy stress. They were made of Prolen material, which provides thermal comfort and effective moisture transport off the skin surface in all conditions. The thick terry makes the socks feel warm and soft to the touch, while the flat seams prevent the formation of blisters and abrasions.

They do not twist on the foot

An undisputable advantage of the socks is a professional elastic band system that prevents the socks from sliding on the feet and slipping off them. Reinforced zones on the calf, heel and midfoot protect the leg against injury, and the special design ensures the perfect fit of the material and increases the comfort of use.


They drain sweat. The thermoactive yarn provides quick moisture transfer from the skin surface to the outer layers, thanks to which the foot stays dry and is less susceptible to abrasions.

They do not irritate. The socks have flat seams that prevent skin irritation.

They are warm and nice to touch. The thick terry provides thermal comfort and is gentle to the touch.

They do not slide down and do not twist on the foot. All thanks to the professional elastic band system that keeps the socks in one place.

They are strong. Extra reinforcements are used on the calf, heel and midfoot to increase the durability of the sock.


Prolen Thermo

- maintains the optimal temperature of the foot,
- provides thermal comfort in all conditions,
- wicks moisture away from the surface of the skin to the outer layers,
- stimulates the muscles during physical activity,
- has a low H2O absorption, which ensures quick moisture and excess heat removal to the outside and makes the socks dry quickly.

Composition: Cotton 60%, Polypropylen 15%, Elastane 25%.