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Outdoor wear - essential for any active person.

Outdoor wear was created for all people who practice sport in the fresh air. Its main task is to protect against external weather conditions. It protects the body from the cold, wind, rain, as well as from the sun's rays.

The undoubted advantage of outdoor clothing is that you can wear it both during activity and simply on a daily basis, complementing your casual stylizations with it. Zipped windstopper for classic jeans? How about running pants that will work well on the go? Nothing limits you. Outdoor gives you complete freedom and a lot of possibilities - combine styles, colors and patterns unhindered.

Women's outdoor wear Nessi Sport

In our offer you will find a wide range of products that will prove themselves during outdoor activities. From women's outdoor jackets, trekking blouses, pants, to all the necessary accessories such as: hats, gloves and socks. We have made certain that you can enjoy your favorite sport, regardless of the prevailing aura.

Stay active with Nessi Sportswear all year round! With us you will dress from head to toe in top quality women's outdoor wear.

Outdoor wear - protecting from the cold and giving a feeling of maximum comfort.

Our premise in creating the perfect outdoor clothing was to combine thermoactivity with exceptional comfort of use. And all in uncommon on a daily basis patterns and colors from under the sign of Nessi Sport.

This is how women's outdoor wear was created, which is like a shield, protecting against the cold, while exhibiting a high degree of breathability. At the same time, it protects against cooling down and allows your skin to breathe, wicking the moisture generated during activity to the outside. This guarantees a feeling of freshness and comfort.

Feminine cut and refined details.

Each cut and the smallest detail have been designed for women who love spending time actively.  Our outdoor wear – regardless of whether you run or perhaps hike in the mountains - will harmonize with your silhouette at every stage of activity.

Practical solutions.

We practice sport ourselves, so we know how important thoughtful solutions are. Every seam, tapes, pocket, welts and even logo have been placed to guarantee comfort and safety. When you put on our clothing, you are actually supposed to forget about it, getting the most out of activity.
Nessi Sport women's outdoor clothing is practical, functional, and stands out with amazing colors.

Let yourself be carried away by energetic colors - feel the power of colors!

You can order women's outdoor clothing in the Nessi Sportswear online store. Take a look at our "Outdoor" section and choose from dozens of different models, in energetic colors and unusual patterns. It is there that you will find everything you need to stay active all year round. Feel the power of colors!