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 Product code: B-5

Color: Green - white

Sex: Unisex

Material that does not absorb moisture

Nessi football socks allow you to maintain the optimal temperature of the feet in all conditions. They were made of Prolen fibers, which do not absorb sweat and quickly transport it outside. What's more, out of all fibers they have the lowest conductivity and are characterized by very good insulation. Thanks to this, the balance between humidity and temperature is maintained and the foot stays dry and fresh.

Buffers preventing injuries

Flat seams were used in the socks, which do not cause abrasions and chaffing. Their strengths are also buffers on the midfoot to prevent injuries and reinforcements on Achilles' heel and tendon.



They maintain the optimal skin temperature. Prolen has the lowest conductivity of all fibers and provides thermal comfort in all weather conditions.

They eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat. The Prolen water absorption rate is close to zero.

They dry quickly. Thanks to the wick effect, Prolen transfers moisture from the body surface to another absorbing layer and gradually evaporates it into the air.

They look impressive on the leg. The socks are characterized by a modern design and long gauntlet.

They protect the foot. Buffers on the instep prevent injury, flat seams do not cause abrasions, and there is a special reinforcement on the heel and Achilles tendon.



Composition: Polyester (Prolen) 80%, Elastane 15%, Gumitex 5%.