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Selected color: Mosaic Indian Summer

  • Description

    Women's quilted double-sided coat Mosaic Indian Summer

    The double dose of style, triple-dimensional comfort and endless possibilities of use - our women's quilted coat is a model in which the typical advantages of casual and sportswear are significantly multiplied. Delightfully light, it will be perfect for everyday use, travel or after training as a functional garment protecting against the vagaries of fall and winter weather. This long quilted coat can become an ideal base for fashion experiments and creating a variety of stylizations. Double-sided - on one side covered with a colorful, expressive pattern, thanks to which it catches the eye with its designer style and modern character. The other side is smooth and maintained in a timeless grey color scheme. In the production of the coat we used as many as 3 materials, thanks to which it is thin and light, but at the same time warm - it effectively insulates against the cold and wind. The patterned layer was made of windproof, breathable Wind Guard fabric with increased resistance to soaking. The layer in grey color - made of Vento Zero material distinguished by excellent thermoactivity. The insulating layer, is a recycled Climashield® Eco filling, which creates a tight barrier against the chill. This multidirectional protection against the cold translates into excellent thermal comfort. Mosaic Indian Summer pattern is a delight over the most beautiful face of fall - let yourself be led by the unbridled energy of colors.








    All-year-round product


    Wind Guard - innovative, windproof and breathable fabric with a hydrophobic finish. The material effectively blocks cool gusts of wind, and at the same time, thanks to the channelized construction, it continuously wicks away evaporating sweat. This translates into complete thermal comfort - the material protects both from getting cold and from overheating. The hydrophobic layer increases the fabric's resistance to soaking (water does not penetrate the material, but runs freely down it), and the use of Rip-Stop fibers in production strengthens its resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage.



    Climashield® Eco insulation is distinguished by high thermoactivity, wicks away moisture evaporating from the skin to the outside and dries quickly - all this translates into maintaining thermal comfort even in difficult conditions. Climashield® Eco is made from recycled plastic bottles, which reduces the carbon footprint of production. If the issue of caring for the natural environment is important to you, you will certainly appreciate this aspect. At the same time, you don't have to worry that such a production method affects the comfort - the insulation is light, soft and durable, as well as safe for the skin, which is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certificate.



    Vento Zero combines high thermal insulation with extreme delicacy and lightness. Its properties can be compared to the performance of a thermos. The fabric helps to maintain the optimal body temperature, without letting the heat out. What's more - it retains its parameters even when wet, so in a double-sided women's coat you do not have to worry about getting cold when the rain catches you on the way home.



    Light, quilted women's coat is perfect for everyday use: in the city, on the way to work, on the road. You will wrap yourself up with it on a morning walk with the dog and after training, when the severity of fall-winter aura hits you after leaving the gym, swimming pool or training room.

  • Benefits

    Double-sided - many styling possibilities
    One coat, two versions, endless styling possibilities. You can wear it in 2 ways: one side is quilted, colorful and patterned, and the other is smooth, kept in a solid grey color.

    Patterned, quilted side of the coat is made of Wind Guard windproof fabric, which creates a barrier against the wind.

    Triple dimension of thermal comfort
    The construction of the coat is made up of 3 materials: Wind Guard, Vento Zero and Climashield® Eco insulation. Each of them is distinguished by excellent thermoactive properties, which translates into maintaining thermal comfort at the highest level.

    Light and thin
    Nessi Sportswear double-sided quilted coat is super warm, but at the same time thin and light - it provides perfect wearing comfort and presents itself excellently on the silhouette.

  • Functions

    Recycled Climashield® Eco insulation
    Ultra-light, soft and breathable Climashield® Eco insulation is made of 100% recycled material, will take care of your thermal comfort in all conditions, while being environmentally friendly.

    The material of the patterned side of the coat has regularly spaced, extra fibers. They increase the durability of the fabric and its resistance to mechanical damage and peeling.

    Hydrophobic finish
    Thanks to Water Repellent hydrophobic finish, raindrops do not penetrate the material, freely running down it, which increases the coat's resistance to soaking.

    Double-sided YKK zipper
    Our women's quilted coat is equipped with a double-sided zipper from the renowned Japanese brand YKK – regardless of which side of the coat you choose, fastening and unfastening will be just as comfortable.

    Slat with fasteners 
    The zipper is protected by a slat fastened with press studs. It not only adds an interesting look to the styling, but also prevents cool gusts from blowing in through the zipper.

    Rubber-lined sleeve cuffs
    Thanks to this, the sleeves do not pull up and fit well to the wrists - also this way the cold will not get under the coat.

    Practical pockets
    On the patterned side we have placed large cargo pockets, and on the smooth side - diagonal pockets. No matter which version of the coat you choose, you can always have the most necessary trinkets with you.

    Loop for convenient hanging
    On the smooth side we have placed a loop for convenient hanging of the coat. It bears the brand's striking slogan: Feel the power of colors!

    Embroidered Nessi logo
    On both sides of the coat we have placed an elegant, embroidered logo.

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not dry in the tumble dryer
  • Detailed information

    Collection: Lively FW22/23
    Pattern: Mosaic Indian Summer
    Color: purple, blue, yellow, green
    Product code: CQW0101-16M4
    Material: Wind Guard / Climashield® Eco / Vento Zero
    Material grammage: 35 g/m2 / 112 g/m2 / 35 g/m2
    Material composition: 100% polyester, Water Repellent hydrophobic finish / 90% polyester (made of 100% recycled bottles), 10% acrylic / 100% nylon

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