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We love sport and know how important it is for your health and enjoyment of life, so we want to support active people to be comfortable during their workouts. You don't have to give up cycling when the weather isn't ideal. With our cycling blouses you will always be ready to ride. We will take care of your comfort and safety so that you can focus on enjoyment, working your muscles and new performance.


Cycling blouses are a very important item in the closet of every cyclist. Thanks to them you will be able to enjoy your cycling passion even on colder days. Properly fitted and made of excellent quality materials, a cycling blouse protects you from the cold and wind. It also maintains optimal body temperature and ensures effective wicking of excess moisture. When it comes to comfort, we do not compromise. We use a new generation of breathable materials with anti-static and anti-bacterial properties, as well as tested and certified for quality. We are not afraid of innovation, we set trends, as well as discover new solutions to increase the comfort of the body during great effort.


We have constructed our range of cycling blouses to serve you in a variety of physical activities. Here you will find a selection of comfortable cycling blouses of different cuts to fit every silhouette  type, which will work well both during intensive amateur rides and professional competitions. The wear and accessories of Polish production are designed and made with attention to detail and careful finishing.


We have equipped cycling blouses with a smoothly operating zipper, which makes it much easier to put on and take off. The special cut keeps the clothing in place, and reflective elements guarantee visibility not only after dark. The whole is completed with a stylish finish. Cycling blouses fit perfectly on the body, providing optimal air circulation and freedom of movement. Functionality of our offer also matters to us, so in the design of cycling blouses we have included practical pockets for essentials.


Original design of cycling blouses with bold patterns and colors will add dynamics to your cycling outfit. We haven't forgotten about supporters of more subdued combinations either. In our cycling blouses you will feel special both before and after training, taking full satisfaction from effective practice of your favorite sport.