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As sports enthusiasts, we know that the appropriate wear is the key to enjoying every sport discipline in comfort. It is no different in cycling, which is why we have sorted out our assortment of specialized cycling wear so that you can find the garment you need faster and more efficiently.



In summer, the rule of the less, the better will not work. Cycling wear is designed to ensure safety and comfort during recreational trips and dynamic rides, so its selection should be well thought out. With us you will complete the appropriate outfit in terms of functionality, but also original design. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have created cycling shirts and shorts that provide the proper freedom of movement during the ride. High breathability, effective moisture wicking and a fitted cut are the hallmarks of our cycling wear. We used light, cooling and airy materials for the sake of your thermal comfort: proper thermoregulation is especially important during sweltering heat.

Cycling workouts will not be terrible even in capricious aura. Dress in onions, and choose a cycling blouse and thermoactive underwear as layers. Don't forget your bicycle accessories - a headband and a multifunctional snood.



Cycling outfits are distinguished not only by the use of high-quality materials and anatomical cut, but above all by special cycling pads, which make cycling shorts even more comfortable. The functional bamboo pad we used, effectively reduces friction, increases cushioning and has anti-bacterial properties. The light and soft cycling pad does not cause irritation and discomfort even during a long ride. The profiled pad breathes perfectly and does not absorb moisture, which is extremely important during extreme sports challenges during sweltering heat.



You don't have to give up your favorite physical activity just because there are changing weather conditions outside the window. Take care of your thermal comfort and don't give up on your cycling adventures. Take a look at our cycling blouses, accessories or shorts section and select clothing that will support you during the changing weather.

Precisely designed wear and properly selected materials will protect you from the wind and cold, and maintain high breathability parameters. We have created cycling blouses for effective warmth retention, resistance to cold gusts of wind and changing weather conditions.

Perfectly fitted, but not constricting and not restricting movements, the blouses and shorts support the body very well during physical exertion. We have not forgotten about the practical shorts with suspenders, which are ideal for a longer track, as they fit much better and stay in place. With our colorful cycling headbands you will shield your ears and sinuses from the wind, while pleasant to the touch, breathable snoods will protect your neck from the sun and gusts of wind. They ensure safety, dryness and thermal comfort throughout training. Nessi cycling socks will protect your feet from moisture, chafing and cooling down, while ensuring proper air circulation and moisture wicking in all conditions.

We invite you to create your own and unique sets of cycling wear that will not let you down regardless of the season.