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Colour: turquoise

Material: Amet Fibra

Fabric weight: 135 g/m2


A classic longsleeve, an absolute must-have in every active girl's wardrobe! Ultralight, ultra-thin and durable, it's like a second skin. This is an ideal longsleeve that works in any conditions. It doesn't cling to the body. It's highly breathable and features quick-wicking zones that help the fabric dry instantly. It maintains an optimum body temperature, so you will not get cold. Finished with non-pressure welts. Choose it for maximum comfort and technology support.


  • Our Longsleeve Ultra is highly flexible and adapts to your figure like a second skin. It is also extremely lightweight, super-thin and ultra-durable. This will allow you to train without any disruptions, enjoying the feeling of wearing a mist.
  • It features very good breathability, which significantly contributes to comfort during use. Even during a mountain ultra-run or on a hot day, sweat will not be your concern.
  • The Longsleeve is equipped with unique quick-wicking zones: a large one on the back, as well as under the arms and the bust. Thanks to the 3D channel system, the areas of increased perspiration are additionally protected, guaranteeing a feeling of freshness during intensive workouts.
  • An integrated moisture-wicking zone at the cuffs. It prevents sweat from gathering in the wrist and hand area, where the centripetal force is directed while running.
  • The fabric does not absorb unpleasant odours and is easy to keep clean.
  • The body of our longsleeve is seamless (so-called monocorpus). The other seams are flat, so you do not experience any irritation or chafing.
  • The colours remain juicy and saturated for a long time: even after repeated washing and numerous workouts in the sun.
  • A perfect all-season base layer - suitable from spring to early winter. When temperatures are lower, complete it with a second layer.


The breathable longsleeve was created from the latest generation Amet Fibra fabric.
The fibres of this innovative textile work like a wick: they collect moisture from the skin and transport it outside through a system of microchannels. This makes the longsleeve breathable and quick-drying. Amet Fibra also combines lightness and durability that you can rely on - the longsleeve will not feel heavy during your workout. Due to the special yarn weave, the jersey is nice and soft and skin-friendly. If you're into high-intensity workouts, this longsleeve will meet your expectations. Wear it for a jog, Nordic walking session, bike ride or power yoga practice. When you need a lightweight, breathable base layer, our longsleeve Ultra definitely comes in handy. The longsleeve was made for you in Poland.

NOTE: The longsleeve is not compatible with some running backpacks, starting numbers or hiking backpacks. Their rough edges may cause damage to the jersey.

Composition: 90% polyamide, 10% elastane


  1. The jersey can be washed in a washing machine, at 40 degrees maximum.
  2. Before putting the longsleeve into the washing machine make sure there are no garments with Velcro or sharp ends etc. in the washing tub as they could cause mechanical damage to the garment.
  3. Use a sportswear wash programme.

* The model in the picture is 175 cm tall and is wearing an S/M size longsleeve.

Shirt women

 Size XS/S S/M M/L
 Height 154 - 160 160 - 168 168 - 176
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