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From the socks began the history of Nessi. We have a special fondness for this item of clothing. It is the apple of our eye, which is why we have created a complete range of cycling socks with excellent technical and visual parameters.


Our socks made of ultra-light and comfortable material will give your feet the comfort they need. Whether you are running, walking or cycling, your socks should offer excellent thermoregulation and breathability regardless of the weather.
In our socks, your feet will be warm, dry and securely wrapped. Quick-drying fabrics guarantee thermal comfort, prevent chafing and quickly wick away moisture. Cycling socks also counteract the growth of bacteria and reduce unpleasant odors, so they provide a feeling of freshness even during hours of exercise on warm days.


The cycling socks do not slip off the leg, roll or press thanks to special pullers at the top of the socks. Nearly imperceptible seams and reinforcements on the toe and heel give cycling socks admirable durability, resistance to abrasion, while remaining soft and gentle to the skin.
The meticulous selection of technical knitted fabrics could not result in anything less than a professional product that meets the needs of the athlete with comfort that supports the achievement of further training goals.


Comfortable and functional cycling socks are offered in many types and colors. Their appropriately selected height is also of considerable importance, which is why we have created lines of cycling socks reaching to the ankles and even to the knees. You decide which model fits your needs better. Regardless of the variant, our cycling socks will provide you with the highest level of breathability, while protecting your legs from chafing. The aesthetic function is also very important, so you will find copies with luscious and energetic colors. In addition to arousing admiration, such socks will allow you to be more visible on the bike. For proponents of more subtle elegance, we have cycling socks of single color grey, flesh-colored, black or grey.

We are certain that every cyclist, without exception, will find a product to match his cycling outfit. Our socks exude positive energy and a love of creativity. There is no room for boredom here. Order several patterns to express yourself in a stylish way depending on your mood.