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We sew sports clothing and accessories for running

Nessi Sportswear is a Polish brand specializing in high-quality clothing for runners. Our trademark is colorful, unique women's running leggings. In Nessi's offer, active women will also find leggings for yoga, leggings for gym in various lengths, sports sweatshirts, sports skirts, tops, hats, headbands, gloves, and socks.

Nessi Sportswear - Colors, technology, a great story!

We sew our products from the highest quality materials available on the market, using innovative solutions, such as flat seams that do not cause abrasions or a multifunctional belt with three pockets. As a result, our women's leggings guarantee maximum comfort during trainings, regardless of whether you take them to the gym, yoga, fitness or crossfit. Sports leggings, like other products, are made from materials that breathe well and ensure effective transportation of moisture from the skin’s surface to the outside. This ensures a feeling of dryness and freshness during the most intense exercises.

Our sports leggings are made from the Flexible Fit material which is characterized by extraordinary flexibility as it stretches in four directions. This guarantees a perfect fit to the silhouette and makes them ideal for yoga. Models for the gym and crossfit have a high waistband that prevents the pants from sliding off the bottom. Noteworthy are also reflectives, thanks to which runners are better visible to drivers after dark, and a unique design: unique patterns and energetic colors. All this means that the Nessi women's leggings provide not only maximum comfort during competitions and trainings, but also let you feel fashionable, special and stand out from the crowd.

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