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Winter gloves for ice swimmers

Ice swimming is one of lifestyle trends of last winter – this activity has become beneficial to health and mood! Winter baths in icy water support the organism's natural immunity, enhance the metabolism and work of the blood circulation system, support the treatment of injuries and most of all – act as an elixir of happiness which we owe to the increased secretion of endorphins. Acquaintances and life-long frienships form among ice swimmers, bathing is always accompanied by a lot of laughter and fun.  

Have we persuaded you? Super – now you just need to properly prepare also in terms of appropriate clothing for ice swimming. Certainly you already have a swimsuit; the most important apart from it is protection from the cold of particularly sensitive zones, i.e. the head and hands which will be exposed to the air all the time –  correct ice swimming technique requires keeping hands above the head's surface. There is only one conlusion: winter gloves are here absolutely essential!   

Sports gloves for winter

Nessi winter sports gloves combine the comfort of wearing with excellent thermal insulation properties. Trito knitted fabric from which they are sewn works wonders on cold days. Three-layer construction of the material provides effective thermal insulation and its structure allows free air circulation and wicks moisture away from the inside of the palm. Combed inner layer additionally increases wearing comfort. Sports gloves will be useful not only for ice swimming but also on your way home from the indoor pool.

Functional design of gloves for winter

No one wants to freeze for longer than absolutely necessary and with our gloves it won't bother you: flexible knitted fabric and ergonomic cut will make it easier for you to slip the gloves on instantly. The material stretches in four directions which allows you to freely operate your fingers.

Great facilitation are also panels on fingers for the operation of touch screens. You want to take a selfie to commemorate your success, turn on time countdown in the water on the watch, check the temperature on smartwatch or share your impressions with a friend through FaceTime? You only need one move of fingers for each of these actions – taking off gloves is not necessary.