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Running jackets – support in running passion

You are not afraid of low temperatures outside the window? You love running at any time of the year? Mountain runs are an adrenaline boost that propels you to life? A good running jacket will support you in the pursuit of your running passion. The main role of a running jacket is to provide thermal comfort i.e. a balance between windproofness and breathability and protection against cold and moisture. However , we go a step further. Energetic design is equally important to us. We confidently use colors and patterns: we color gray days and motivate to move off the couch. 

Running jackets. Say 'YES' to specialized sportswear

Compact and ultra-light running jacket will fit in every, even hand luggage. So if you like travels and do not resign from running during them, your friendship with our jackets will be real and deep. You do not need an additional cover: after folding it will fit into the front pocket. Jackets also have a practical waist and hood regulation, so that they can be adjusted to the body and individual preferences.     

 We sew running jackets from the innovative Wind Tex material, which is an effective barrier against the wind. Windproofness does not mean that the fabric is not breathable. It combines parameters of breathability and water resistance in perfect proportions: Waterproofness 10 000, Breathability 20 000. The material instantly evaporates sweat to the outside, not exposing you to cold and chill. Taped seams also provide windproofness. This guarantees maximum thermal comfort during intense training. 

We know that zippers in sportswear can be a real nightmare, so in our clothes we use zippers with a latch. The lock prevents the slider from slipping automatically and the zipper will be unfastened only when you need it. We have not forgotten about pockets, reflectors and interesting design.

The power of color

Our running jackets are comfortable and practical. We also put a lot of work into refining their visual side. Vivid colors and original patterns are our idea to boost the energy, talk to other runners and motivate to make an effort. Choose specialized sportswear, choose the power of color, choose Nessi jackets!