This luscious version of Shiny will take you straight to warm days. Our version of orange combines the optimism of yellow with the excitement of red. The energetic color of sunset, the scent of exotic flowers, the juiciness of oranges - these are the power of summer! You will feel it thanks to the newest edition of Shiny's authorial pressings. Create your stylization by combining Shiny Orange with chosen pattern from Euphoria collection: Banana, Mosaic Paraiso, Selva Tropicana, Poppy or Verano Orange!



Ready for training? Choose fiery red and nothing will stand in your way! Wherever you are, you will be filled with energy that awakens all your senses. The power surge makes you feel clear: now I can do anything! Train in our presses and let red be the fastest, giving you only positive emotions! Combine Shiny Red with any pattern from the Euphoria collection: Mosaic Paraiso, Mosaic Aqua, Selva Tropicana or Verano Grey!



Do you associate navy blue with order and elegance? We break this scheme and write a completely different story for it! Our Shiny is like the deep blue sea: dangerous, tempting and beautiful at the same time. Authorial embossing emphasizes the uniqueness and depth of navy blue, giving it a new flair. This is our call to adventure - I wonder what training paths you will discover today?
Shiny Royal Navy pairs perfectly with Mosaic Aqua, as well as Mosaic Paraiso, Poppy or Verano Sand or Verano Grey. Find the combination that fits you!



Here are our authorial embossings in silvery grey version! They are reminiscent of majestic rocks with ocean waves crashing against them. The sun's rays glisten on the water and the spectacle of lights propels you into action! Shiny Grey combines grey with dynamic authorial embossing. Compose it with the Mosaic Aqua pattern or contrast with Banana or Mosaic Paraiso. Shiny Grey also forms a successful duo with all Verano shades.



This deep, hypnotizing black is our Shiny, our version of black! We bet on an exceptional colour, full of mystery and darkness. The rebellious nature and contrariness made us choose a tone that is lack of tone, the opposite of light. The mysterious character of black makes us be pulled towards it like a magnet. We ennobled it giving it the original vibe. This a clarity that you will get to like. Black symbol-izes independence, elegance, class, and luxury. It is a colour of individuals, strong and rich.
When we put it together with our original embossing we achieved a unique effect, which can be found nowhere else. Shiny Black will make you shine like a black diamond.