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Down jackets - more than 100 years of history!

Their history dates back to the early 20th century, and the originator of the winter down jacket can be considered George Finch. Alpinist, who in 1922 attempted to climb Mount Everest in the prototype of the modern down jacket.

The following years are an inspiration drawn from Finch's idea. In 1936, American businessman Eddie Bauer introduced the "Skyliner" jacket to the world, and a year later designer Charles James presented a lighter and more fashionable alternative to the down jacket associated with high mountains (light, short down jacket).

1952 year is the birth of the down jacket in the form we know today. Moncler company, to protect its employees from the cold, designed special jackets filled with down. In the 1970s, the women's down jacket designed by American Norma Kamala gained popularity and became an indispensable part of the closet of women, all over the world.

Women's down jackets - style and comfort in one

Nowadays, as soon as the weather deteriorates, down jackets appear literally everywhere - from the streets of cities, through fashion runways, to mountain expeditions. They have gained their fame not only for their great look, but also for their excellent thermal properties and light weight. Style and comfort in one. Women's down jacket is a must-have in every woman's closet.

What are the advantages of winter down jackets?

In the production of Nessi Sport women's down jackets we used the best quality down from Polish farms. Valued all over the world, it is the number 1 among the fillings of outdoor wear. It perfectly protects against the cold and wind, providing thermal comfort in even the most extreme conditions. In addition, it is extremely light and easily compresses, which has a significant impact on the low weight of our winter down jackets. Down itself is a 100% natural raw material, and is sourced in an ethical and ecological manner.  
If you want to find out more details and interesting facts about the down we use, take a look at:

Innovative materials

To create the perfect women's down jackets, materials are just as important as down. In our design we used two innovative knitted fabrics:

  • Wind Guard - constitutes the outer layer of  the light women's jacket. It is a shield protecting against frost and penetrating wind. It wicks away moisture to the outside. What's more, it has a special hydrophobic layer that increases resistance to soaking and Rip-Stop reinforcing fibers.
  • Vento Zero - we sewed the inner layer of the jacket from this light and delicate material. Vento is friendly to sensitive skin, pleasant to the touch and keeps heat close to the body without letting it out.

Women's down jacket - not only for the trail. Where and how to wear?

It would seem that our winter down jackets will work well only during mountain expeditions. Well, nothing could be more wrong. They will be a fashionable base for everyday stylizations in the fall-  winter period. On the way to work, on the road or during outdoor activities, from the threshold of your home to the highest peak - there you will be accompanied by Nessi Sport women's winter down jacket.

How to wash down jackets?

Nessi Sport winter down jackets can easily be machine washed. However, before you do so, read some valuable tips and recommendations:

  • Women's winter down jackets can be machine washed. Before washing, clean the powder container and drum from detergent residue.
  • Use natural down care products. Do not use softeners or universal liquids. To prevent the down from clumping during the spinning process, you can use so-called breaking balls.
  • Before you put the winter down jacket in the washing machine, empty the pockets, fasten the zippers and press studs, and turn it inside out. It is recommended to soak the jacket beforehand - then the washing machine will choose the right amount of water when rinsing.
  • Wash at 30 degrees and on delicate programs.
  • You can dry women's winter down jackets in a tumble dryer or on a traditional dryer. Lay the jacket flat and away from heat sources and sunlight. From time to time, gently shake it off and turn it inside out.

NOTE: It happens that the down jacket will not regain its original shape after drying. No worries, this is normal. Gently break up the places where the down has accumulated with your fingers, and then spread it over the surface of the chamber.

Where to buy nessi sport women's down jacket?

How to order a winter down jacket? You are only a few clicks away from acquiring it. Take a look at the down jackets tab and choose one of the unique designs that we have prepared with the Lively FW 22'23 collection. We guarantee intuitive and hassle-free service and express shipping. Successful shopping!