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Your support and thermal comfort on cold days!


Materials used for sewing sportswear are a category of functional knitted fabrics that will protect, as well as support the body while practicing sport. In order to provide you with thermal comfort even on the coldest days, we have selected special materials that, in addition to flexibility and durability, are distinguished by their extraordinary lightness, and at the same time a high level of thermoactivity. We attach great importance to ensuring they are environmentally friendly, as well as safe for humans, so we also use natural and recycled knitted fabrics and fillings.

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Materiał Wind Guard Nessi Sportswear

Wind Guard

Materiał Cubic Guard Nessi Sportswear

Cubic Guard

Materiał Vetur Guard Nessi Sportswear

Vetur Guard

Materiał Vetur Guard Nessi Sportswear

Goose Down

Materiał Climashield Eco Nessi Sportswear

Climashield Eco

Materiał DryClim Sportswear


Materiał Vento Zero Nessi Sportswear

Vento Zero

Materiał Resi Ultra 4K Nessi Sportswear

Resi Ultra 4K

Materiał Resi Slim Nessi Sportswear

Resi Slim

Materiał Amet Fibra Nessi Sportswear

Amet Fibra

Materiał Grant Nessi Sportswear


Materiał Grant Nessi Sportswear



Which material to choose for the planned activity?

Materials designed for activities on windy or colder days in fall and winter.

This group of materials includes: Wind Guard, Cubic Guard, Vetur Guard, DryClim and Vento Zero. Their main task is to protect against the wind and stand guard over thermal comfort: they block cold gusts of air, while efficiently wicking moisture away from the skin. They are durable, abrasion-resistant, and in some cases have a Water Repellent coating to protect against getting wet. We have sewn from them outerwear such as blouses and vests.


Materials that fit to the female silhouette, designed for training on warmer days and indoors.

This group includes materials from the Resi family: Resi Ultra 4K, Resi and Resi Slim. They are distinguished by above-average flexibility and stretchability, while being durable. They fit perfectly and harmonize with the female figure, at any time of training. They quickly collect moisture from the skin, becoming dry in a short time. Our leggings and longsleeves are made from these materials. When temperatures outside drop, longsleeves are also perfect as one of the layers in an "onion" outfit.