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Whether you are a professional who trains cycling intensively, or an amateur who treats cycling typically recreationally, comfortable cycling wear will allow you to increase the effectiveness of your workouts while maintaining maximum safety.



Designed by us cycling shirts will allow you to forget about painful chafing, feeling wet, cooling down or overheating. They take care of a high level of air circulation, are extremely light and have quick-drying properties. Nessi cycling wear is made from the latest generation of materials combining breathability at the highest level, as well as delicacy to the skin.



Try our zipped cycling shirts and you will be delighted by their lightness and quality of workmanship. They are distinguished by innovative Karbon material with triangular perforated structure and anti-bacterial properties: it makes you feel comfortable and fresh throughout your training. Reach for shirts from the breathable Ultra line, which are perfect as t-shirts for a bicycle. All of our shirts effectively wick away moisture, so you will maintain a sense of freshness and prevent wind chill or cooling down. By the way, the risk of odor formation will disappear.



Women's cycling shirts have an anatomically profiled cut with a panelized construction. It is responsible for the best possible fit to a woman's silhouette and causes that the shirt does not move during the ride. Panelized construction is also responsible for even tension of the seams, so they do not pinch. Our shirts adhere perfectly and at the same time emphasize the female shapes.



We try to meet all expectations, so the designs of shirts for cycling are thought out in every detail. They have a full-length zipper, as well as several special pockets. Very practical and appreciated solution are zippered pockets for keys, documents or money. Short sleeve cycling shirts have reflective logos to make you more visible to drivers.
The offered cycling shirts are equipped with useful silicone tapes, which allow the clothing to adhere perfectly to the body. They protect the material from rolling and curling during dynamic riding. Carefully selected materials for special tasks cause that the cycling shirt does not lose its properties even during repeated washing.



In addition to usability, we also care about the aesthetic aspect of our products. We know that it is pleasant to wear clothes that are carefully made, fashionable and reflecting your individual style also during training. The prints on our cycling shirts were made using modern methods, resulting in unprecedented color intensity and expressiveness. Our designers made certain that the design of the cycling shirts draws attention and magnetizes. From just looking at the blaze of colors you feel like taking on new challenges and boldly expressing yourself.