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  • Description


    Zipped cycling shirt is our technologically advanced shirt model, designed for cycling in spring and summer. Specialized Karbon knitted fabric with a triangular perforated structure features excellent breathability, high level of moisture wicking and quick-drying properties – it is a professional support during cycling training and classic rides. Innovative solutions and ergonomic, feminine cut cause that the shirt is like a second  skin - light and close to the body. The use of flat seams reduces the risk of irritation of sensitive skin. It is distinguished by refined details: a durable zipper along the entire length of the shirt, three spacious poc-kets, one of which is waterproof, and a reflective logo.






    All-year-round product


    Indispensable on warm days, Karbon sports knitted fabric will ensure a high level of brea-thability and will take your training to the higher level.

    This innovative material contains carbon fibers, which have thermoregulatory properties. It will help you maintain an optimal body temperature and dissipate excessive heat during cyc-ling training. The three-dimensional structure of the material - triangular, perforated zones that work on the principle of air pockets - supports proper air circulation.

    Fibers also have an antistatic effect, which causes that they absorb and then dissipate elec-trostatic charges accumulating in our organism. Thanks to this, you will gain a relaxing ef-fect, it is also possible to prevent cramps. Carbon fibres also have a bactericidal effect: they prevent the multiplication of bacteria and unpleasant odors. The yarn is 100% ecological.

    Enjoy lasting and saturated colors that do not change even after repeated washing or exposu-re to sunlight.



    Specialized shirt for women who want to emphasize their femininity while cycling. Ideal for both leisurely rides, dynamic training sessions, and long trips outside the city. It is a solution for professionals who train cycling intensely, as well as for amateurs who treat a bike as typically recreational.   

  • Benefits

    This is the right choice for spring/summer season. Karbon material ensures high level of breathability, wicks moisture away from the skin and has quick-drying properties. These features are especially important during dynamic riding.

    Due to its aerodynamic construction the shirt adheres well to the body. This solution reduces air resistance during the ride.

    The material used has a high level of abrasion resistance. Colors retain their saturation even after repeated washing. It will survive many seasons of intense training and dynamic riding.

  • Functions

    Panel construction
    Ergonomic cut with panel construction is responsible for the best fit to the female silhouette and causes that the shirt does not move while riding. It is close-fitting and emphasizes the shapes at the same time. Panel construction is responsible for even tension of seams, so they do not pinch.

    Flat seams
    The use of flat seams in combination with the panel construction of the shirt reduces the risk of irritation of sensitive skin.

    Three functional pockets on the back
    Three ergonomic pockets for essentials during training. Two larger and one waterproof zippered pocket (for valuables).

    Zipper with a ratchet
    The zipper allows to regulate the degree of unzipping along the entire length of the shirt. This solution is especially useful on warmer days. The downward-facing ratchet prevents the zipper from unzipping on its own.

    Silicone tapes
    Bottom of the shirt finished with a silicone tape causes that it does not roll up when riding in an aerodynamic, inclined position. Additional tapes on sleeves keep them in place.

    Placed on the inside of the shirt, directly under the collar, prevents moisture from getting to the back. Prevents irritation of the delicate skin on the neck.

    Open collar trim
    Provides freedom under the neck: zipper does not constrict or irritate.

    Reflective logo
    Increases visibility while riding. Logo is placed on the left chest.

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Wash on the left side
    • Wash with similar colors
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Iron at max. temperature. 100°C
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not chlorinate
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not dry in the tumble dryer
  • Detailed information

    Collection: Euforia SS2022
    Category: bicycle
    Color: blue
    Product code: KKK-50
    Material: Karbon
    Material grammage: 110 g/m2
    Material composition: 80% polyester, 10% elastane, 8% nylon, 2% carbonio

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