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Women's underwear – ever shorter history

The present-day form of women's underwear is the result of a process of moral, social and hygienic changes lasting from XVI century. At that time, pantaloons appeared in women's wardrobes: panties with voluminous legs gathered at the knees, interestingly – worn mainly in the underworld and lower spheres. Pantaloons came into widespread use only two centuries later, on the initiative of king Louis XV, who ordered cancan dancers to wear them. Women gradually became convinced of comfort and warmth provided by the lower underwear; in XIX century it was already worn by all ladies and other models were coming out of the hands of seamstresses – cut at the crotch, equipped with a lapel, with ever higher cut. Pantaloons turned into shorts; in 2nd half of XX century briefs and strings appeared – cuts that we like and wear to this day.

Cotton underwear – timeless classic

Although underwear cuts have changed completely, one thing has remained the same for decades: cotton is the most popular material of panties and briefs. Delicate, natural material does not sensitize or irritate the skin in the most sensitive parts of the body, it allows air to pass freely and its surface is smooth and pleasant to the touch. Not without reason cotton underwear is most often recommended by doctors.

Cotton is also basic raw material of knitted fabric from which we sew Issen underwear. Natural yarn is enriched with a slight addition of synthetic fibers which give it flexibility needed for a perfect fit and strengthen the entire model.

Like a second skin – seamless underwear

In order to take your comfort to an even higher level, in the construction of our women's underwear we have resigned from standard convex seams in favor of gluing. As a result, you get smooth as silk , perfectly fitted to the figure, invisible even under tight leggings panties. Pressure-free design will allow you to avoid unpleasant sticking to the skin, reflected marks or abrasions.

Comfortable underwear in various cuts

Each of us is different, each has a different silhouette and preferences and our offer meets them all. Collection of cotton underwear includes several styles, varying in terms of the waist height and the cut of legs. Higher or standard waistband, full briefs, tangas or strings, white or black – fill your underwear drawer with your favorite cut or choose a few from each model to be able to reach for what you need at any time. Cotton underwear is perfect for everyday use and while spending time actively; whatever you do, you will feel excellent.