Uniq Collection Nessi Sportswear


Are you looking for more than just reliable functionality in sportswear? Then our Unique collection was created specifically with you in mind. It is made up of unique designs, produced in a limited number of copies and available for a limited time. The items from the Unique Collection series are therefore exactly like the emotions and experiences that sport gives: unique and unrepeatable.

In the Unique Collection, we combine with alchemical precision what has been tried and repeatedly tested with what is completely new. Here you will find Nessi bestsellers in unique designs, as well as premiere cuts that no one else has yet. If fashion, including sports, is a way for you to express yourself - your style, personality, outlook on the world - you will certainly immediately feel the vibe that the Unique Collection proposals bring.

Drops from the Unique line are only available while supplies last. The chance to get what has caught your eye is only here and now. Use it well!