An extremely important part of the sports outfit is high-class thermoactive women's underwear. It is absolutely indispensable when practicing all winter sports, such as skiing, but it is also difficult to imagine winter mountain tourism without it. Sports thermoactive underwear plays a number of very important functions - first of all, models made of thicker fabric are designed to protect the body against cooling during all winter activities in the fresh air. In addition, each model of thermoactive underwear - regardless of the thickness of the material it was made of - perfectly absorbs moisture, keeping the skin perfectly dry, even during the most demanding training. This effect has been achieved through the use of innovative 3D channels that are designed to drain moisture from the skin's surface. As a result, it is perfect for running and other sports connected with a lot of physical effort. High-end sports underwear should, without a doubt, be also breathable - thanks to this the skin has constant access to fresh air, which translates into its longer freshness. Its thermo-active properties protect muscles not only from cooling down, but also from overheating during extremely intense workouts. Women's thermoactive underwear is made of high quality materials, which will surely serve you for years. The materials from which it was made, are highly resistant to stretching and very flexible, and at the same time perfectly adhere to the body, guaranteeing a high comfort of wearing it during various types of physical activities. Many lingerie models in our assortment do not have seams, so that the creation of all kinds of skin irritations and abrasions is minimized. A similar effect was achieved by replacing in the remaining models of classic seams their flat counterparts, whose wearing comfort is very high. Breathable sports underwear for women with great ease of washing, both manually and in washing machines. Its great advantage is also extremely short drying time. Underwear available in our offer does not deform and does not fade, even after repeated washing. Even long hours of wearing it does not contribute to the formation of any unpleasant odors, which is due to the use during the production of an innovative antibacterial system, inhibiting the distribution of sweat by bacteria.

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