Modern running socks are at the beginning of the company Nessi, which just such an assortment debuted on the market of sportswear in 2008. Over the years, Nessi has developed into a company valued in Poland and abroad as a producer of functional and at the same time extremely effective sports clothing, whose designs and colors are immediately visible on any sports route. Among the clothes and accessories offered by Nessi, there are still socks, including thermoactive running socks T, which are a specialist product for lovers of long running routes. Each advanced runner knows that along with properly selected shoes and clothing to protect against hypothermia or overheating of the body, it is the elements of his outfit that allow him to achieve satisfactory results, whether during individual training or marathons. Thermoactive running socks T is a model for both women and men, containing silver ions. Such a modern technological solution causes that the thermoactive running socks T protect the foot against the negative effects of long exertion and load on the foot with body weight, and the silver ions protect it against the development of bacteria and fungi. Thermoactive socks T are also perfect winter socks for running, at the same time protecting it by cooling, thanks to the innovative system of pullers that keep it in place and prevent heat escaping from under the trousers, as well as heat zones that protect the feet from overheating, which is equally negative a phenomenon that can cause injuries. T-type winter running socks made of pleasant terry material also prevent chafing and foot scratches, which can bother runners after intense exercise, preventing them from training. Nessi winter running socks are a fully professional continuation of the tradition and beginnings of the company, which is now one of the leading manufacturers of sportswear on the market. Particularly valued by people who see their physical activity as an element of their lifestyle, Nessi offers a distinctively colorful color sportswear and accessories, combining functionality, high quality materials used to produce clothes and equally high quality of clothing. At the same time practical and effective - these are the Nessi clothing products valued not only on the Polish but also on the European market.

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