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  • Description


    Running blouse zip with breathable panels will keep you feeling fresh during intense training sessions and on warm days. Triangular perforations of Karbon material will effectively wick moisture away, and carbon fibers it contains have antistatic and bactericidal properties. Special panels made of Brisk 3D Ultra knitted fabric feature excellent breathability and are placed in the most sensitive areas in order to protect you from overheating your organism. Thought-out details are the key to successful training: this blouse model has a zipper with a degree of unzipping blockade, a zipped pocket and reflectors. The material protects against harmful UV radiation. The yarn is 100% organic. From this material, we also sew short-sleeved shirts, which you can find in our store.

    Moisture wicking







    All-year-round product

    MATERIAL Karbon

    Professional sports knitted fabric, which supports you during training thanks to the combination of unique antistatic, bactericidal and thermoregulatory properties.

    Karbon yarn contained in our knitted fabric has conductive properties. This means that it absorbs electrostatic charges that accumulate in our organism. It then dissipates them, which gives the effect of relaxation and can even counteract cramps. The knitted fabric also prevents  unpleasant odors that arise during activity, because it reduces the multiplication of bacteria.

    Also very important is the construction of the material, as it maintains air circulation at the highest level; three-dimensional, triangular zones act as air pockets. Thanks to them, you gain thermoregulation at the appropriate level: the knitted fabric dissipates excessive warmth and does not allow the body to overheat. 

    The wear sewn from Karbon knitted fabric is also durable and intense colors, which do not fade even after repeated washing or exposure to sunlight. 


    This running blouse with breathable panels is an excellent choice for intense training sessions, as well as hot days. If you are an ultra runner, this blouse is a proven solution for the first
    layer from February to September. Choose it also for demanding cycling or martial arts training. 

  • Benefits

    Innovative solutions
    Bet on technological innovations that will take your training to the higher level in spring and summer: you will be supported by antibacterial, antistatic properties and UV protection.

    Breathable zones
    Enhancement of thermoregulatory properties thanks to Brisk 3D Ultra knitted fabric panels. They  will quickly draw moisture from the skin and wick it away to the outside. Panels are located on the sleeves - from the armpits to the cuffs and on the back - from the nape to the buttocks. 

    Improve your training thanks to the amenities applied in the blouse: a zipper with a degree of unzipping blockade, a grommet or reflectors. 

  • Functions

    Zipper with a blockade
    Point a ratchet up to adjust the degree of unzipping to your needs and block a zipper by pointing a ratchet down. It is a convenient solution that will be useful especially during intense training sessions, as well as on days with changeable weather.

    Stand-up collar ended with a „garage” 
    Forget about irritation of a chin and delicate neck skin; you will avoid it thanks to the special zipper cover.

    Comfortable cuffs
    Non-pressure cuffs gently wrap around the wrist and allow you to roll up the sleeves easily.

    Grommet pocket
    Comfortable pocket placed in the back of the blouse allows to store essentials. The zipper leading to the pocket is located on the side seam of the blouse. The grommet placed inside will allow you to hide earphones/powerbank cable.

    Flat seams
    Don't worry about irritated skin anymore: our flat seams reduce the risk of chafing on delicate skin. 

    Reflector system
    Reflectors will help you be more visible. We placed them on the left chest, right shoulder blade and in the back (vertical stripe).

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Wash on the left side
    • Wash with similar colors
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Iron at max. temperature. 100°C
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not chlorinate
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not dry in the tumble dryer
  • Detailed information

    Collection: Euforia SS2022
    Category: training
    Color: green
    Product code: KLC-70
    Material: Karbon / Brisk 3D Ultra
    Material grammage: 110 g/m2 / 135 g/m2
    Material composition: 80% polyester, 10% elastane, 8% nylon, 2% carbonio / 100% polyester

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