The model in the first photo is 176 cm tall and is wearing a long sleeve size S.

Selected color: Ornamo Green

  • Description

    Thermoactive longsleeve Zip limited edition Ornamo Green

    Get to know our limited-edition, thermoactive longsleeve Zip that literally breaks boundaries - so that you can cross yours. Specialized Cubic Guard material with an innovative three-dimensional structure of microcubes, like a breakwater smashes gusts of wind, protecting from the cold. Moisture-wicking panels will improve thermoregulation and help maintain thermal comfort. This blouse can accompany you during any outdoor activity, shielding you from wind and cold. Light, thin and delightfully delicate to the touch, yet reliable - the women's longsleeve is an example of the most advanced sportswear that simply makes a difference in the quality of training. It works best as a second layer, worn over thermoactive underwear. But beware: hurry up. This is a unique limited edition, it will disappear in a flash! Ornamo Green pattern redefines the sports style - it features floral motifs that give a three-dimensional effect and beautiful green in an emerald shade.

    Protection from wind







    All-year-round product


    The most important advantages of this blouse come from the properties of its material. It is Cubic Guard - a windproof and breathable knitted fabric, which was created to provide unique protection against cold and wind. It is double-layered. The outer layer has a special structure of microcubes, which acts like a breakwater - it smashes and stops gusts of wind, but at the same time does not interfere with natural thermoregulation. Thanks to this, you maintain thermal comfort even during intense activity. On the inside, the longsleeve has been finished with a delicate, pleasant to the touch nap, which draws moisture from the skin and wicks it to the outside, as well as guarantees complete wearing comfort – it is a balance between thermal comfort and breathability.



    The properties of the blouse - thermoactivity, breathability and wind resistance - make it perfect for any outdoor activity: running, trekking or skiing. Put it on once, and you will never head to the
    mountains or the slope without it again!

  • Benefits

    Limited collection
    Thermoactive longsleeve is available as part of a limited collection - in a limited number of copies
    and for a limited time. With its use, you will create an original, unlike any other training outfit.

    Your cover against unfavorable conditions
    If you practice outdoor sports, you certainly know that there is nothing worse than cold gusts of wind that blow under clothes when you stop for a moment. The thermoactive longsleeve will effectively protect you from them - Cubic Guard material stops the wind, helping to maintain thermal comfort.

    Thermal comfort in every situation
    During the warm-up and at the finish line, when you are strenuously climbing up and when you are resting on the summit, when you are getting off the chairlift and when you are flashing down the slope - thanks to its thermoactive properties, the longsleeve will improve the wicking of moisture to the outside and take care of your thermal comfort at every stage of the activity.

  • Functions

    Ergonomic cut
    The longsleeve elastically fits the body, providing complete freedom of movements.

    Functional design
    Under the armpits and on the back, we have placed special moisture-wicking panels made of breathable Brisk 3D Ultra material, which improve breathability and thermoregulation.

    Zippered pocket
    Keep the most important small items with you at all times. On the back we have placed a zippered pocket, you will find it on the right side on the seam.

    Strong seams
    Durability is a priority for us: we use the strongest threads applied i.a. for sewing parachutes.

    Non-pressure cuffs
    Made of delicate material,  non-pressure cuffs adjust to the wrists, improving thermal comfort.

    Nape sweatband
    Moisture-absorbing inset at the nape for better protection against wind chill.

    Reflective details
    Thanks to the reflective logo on the left chest and a stripe on the loins, you will be more visible after dark so that drivers or cyclists can pass you by safely.

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not dry clean
    • Iron at max. temperature. 100°C
  • Detailed information

    Collection: Lively FW22/23
    Category: running
    Pattern: Ornamo Green
    Color: green
    Product code: KBL-16P70
    Material: Cubic Guard/ Brisk 3D Ultra
    Material grammage: 210 g/m2 / 135 g/m2
    Material composition: 100% polyester / 100% polyester

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