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Selected color: Ornamo White

  • Description


    Our PRO thermoactive gloves are an indispensable element of any activity in the fall-winter period. Thanks to the use of modern 3-layer Alpi Guard knitted fabric, they will perfectly protect your hands even from the strongest frost and permeating wind. Inside the gloves there is a microfleece that is gentle to the skin, which maintains temperature and wicks away moisture. On the fingers we have placed special panels for operating touch devices. The PRO model will work well during long runs, winter mountain expeditions, as well as while cycling or skiing. Paired with our hats and socks, they are a "must have" for every person training at low temperatures. Topped off with an embroidered Nessi inscription. Ornamo White pattern, maintained in black and white color scheme and adorned with floral ornaments with its structure resembling fossils, is a pattern that brings out the maximum of class and elegance from the sports style.

    Protection from wind


    Moisture wicking


    Protection from cold





    All-year-round product


    This is an innovative three-layer material that will protect you even from extremely low temperatures. It constitutes an impenetrable barrier to the strongest frost and annoying wind.

    It consists of three layers: the outer one, which perfectly protects against the cold and has a windproof finish. It is covered with a hydrophobic coating, which protects against light rain and reduces the absorption of moisture from the outside. The middle layer of the material is an additional barrier against cold and wind, in the form of a membrane. Inside, there is a delicate and pleasant to the touch microfleece - it quickly wicks moisture from the skin to the outer layers of the material and creates a bacteria-free environment.

    Alpi Guard ensures proper thermoregulation during training at low temperature.



    This accessory is indispensable when you want to shield your hands from cold air and annoying wind. Our gloves will accompany you throughout the winter season, both on a daily basis and during the most intense workouts in difficult weather conditions. Long runs in the mountains, winter trekking or cycling on a frosty day - these are situations in which you cannot do without them (gloves).

  • Benefits

    Protection against frost and wind
    The three-layer structure of the material constitutes an impenetrable barrier to cold and wind.

    Wick away moisture generated during activity, and at the same time protect the hands from cooling down - by maintaining a constant and optimal temperature.

    Indispensable in autumn and winter
    Gloves are a key accessory in the fall-winter period. They will protect you from sudden weather changes, from the frost and wind.

    The special 3-layer structure of the material makes the gloves resistant to abrasion. They will serve you for many seasons of intensive use.

  • Functions

    Gloves adhere very well to the hands. Both at finger, palm and wrist level. In combination with the material, the appropriate fit protects against cooling down and wind penetration.

    You can have our gloves with you at all times: they will successfully fit in a bum bag, as well as in a vest or blouse pocket.

    Extendable cuff
    Thanks to this solution, you will hide it under the sleeve of a jacket or blouse, thus creating a tight shield against frost and cold wind. And no part of your hand will be exposed to the cool air.

    Panels for operating touch devices
    Located on the fingers, special inserts allow you to operate touch devices.

    Embroidered logo
    We topped the gloves with an embroidered inscription – Nessi.

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not chlorinate
    • Do not dry clean
  • Detailed information

    Collection: Lively FW22/23
    Category: running
    Pattern: : Ornamo White
    Color: white
    Product code: AR-16P00
    Material: Alpi Guard
    Material grammage: 305 g/m2
    Material composition:

    • Outer layer: 86% polyester, 14% elastane, WR BIO Technology hydrophobic finish
    • Middle layer: 100% polyester membrane
    • Inner layer: 94% polyester, 6% elastane
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