Price: 47,25€



Product code: SJK-9K3

Color: Multicolour

Sex: Women

One-piece, colorful, reliable sports swimsuit. Dedicated to women who value comfort, freedom and convenience while practicing athletic activities in water. It was constructed so that it doesn't constrict or pinch anything. It is ideally fitted to the female silhouette.


The swimsuit is made of delicate and durable Forever Borgini material, which thanks to special weaves stretches in four directions. It behaves like a second skin, it is pleasant to the touch and skin-friendly. It protects the body against harmful UV rays, the colors do not fade even after prolonged use.

Dynamic and ergonomic

It is flexible, which makes it compatible with the body. Its feminine cut shapes and perfectly presents the figure. The exposed back with crossing straps allow full freedom of movement. It has got a subtle cut on the buttocks' line.


The swimsuit provides support and protection. It stays in place during water activities. It does not show through. It uses flat and elastic, and at the same time durable and strong seams that do not irritate or rip, but work together with the material.
It dries quickly and its colors are resistant to fading and sunlight. It also doesn't lose colors in the wash, even after long-term use.
The swimsuit does not have built-in padding or underwiring.


– will be like the second skin for the rebellious dreamers for whom only the sky is the limit. Admirers of blue presenting the sagacity, vigilance and at the same time aspiring to fulfil their dreams will feel like in heaven wearing this pattern! Since all of us are full of contradictions we rush to comfort you that you can choose more than one colour for your inner panther type.

* The model in the photo is 172 cm tall and is wearing swimsuit size S/M.


The swimsuit was made from Forever Borgini material which combines perfect technological quality with the perfection of make and finish.

It fits the silhouette. It is delicate and elastic. It stretches in four directions. It gives the silhouette a nice shape.

It protects the skin against the UV rays. It provides protection against the sunlight. It is skin-friendly, is non-allergenic, doesn't irritate or cause abrasions.

The material doesn't lose colors. The colors don't fade in the washing or from the sunlight, thanks to which the clothing looks like new for a long time.

The fabric is durable, resistant to wearing down and tearing.


- elastic
- shapes the body
- stretches
- skin-friendly
- delicate
- nice to touch
- durable
- protects the colors
- non-allergenic
- doesn't pill in washing

Composition: Polyester 78%, Elastane 22%.


Size XS/S (34) S/M (36) M/L (38) L/XL (40) XL/XXL (42)
Height 154 - 160 160 - 168 160 - 168 168 - 176 168 - 176
Bust 80 - 90 84 - 92 88 - 100 96 - 110 104 - 118