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The training LBKZ shirt is our flagship product, well-known and valued for years. It is undone under the neck with a blocking latch to control the zipper. Breathing, delicate for the skin with the UV protection. Anatomic cut, a special slit in the sleeve for a watch, reflexives, multisport function. Mosaic Yasei pattern is a journey to the heart of Japanese bamboo grove.


● Color: green and orange
● Fabric: Resi Slim
● Substance: 150 g/m2


Our training shirt was sewed from the light and airy Resi Slim fabric. It is characterised by high breathability parameters - moisture is quickly transported to the outside and the fabric remains dry. The essential advantage of Resi Slim is its unusual gentleness: it doesn't cause irritation or abrasions.
The fabric stretches in four directions, thanks to which the shirt cooperates with your shapes as if made to measure. Resi Slim doesn't lose its colors in washing or in the sunlight - all these aspects make a product look as new for a very long time. In autumn and winter, you will appreciate the fact Resi Slim also supplies UV protection.
We used advantages of this fabric for creating a multisport shirt which works not only while running or bicycling but also in travel and in the mountains where the second layer is necessary. It will be appreciated by the kayaking, horse-riding, climbing or kite-surfing lovers, as well. The crisp autumnal mornings and wintry evenings are its natural environment. The shirt was produced for you in Poland.
The shirt is not compatible with some running backpacks, starting race numbers, touristy backpacks. Their rough finish may lead to some damages in the shirt.


● Anatomic cut: a slightly elongated back makes the fabric stay in place and not move up during bends or sit-ups. It also protects your lumbar section against draughts.
● A zipper with the latch function prevents the shirt from undoing on its own. This is an essential feature during a physical activity: you will be able to adjust to the temperature with ease. At the end of the zipper there is a protective fold against neck and chin irritation.
● On the left sleeve we made a laser-cut slit finished off with a silicone tape. Thanks to that you can easily make use of your sports or a pulse watch.
● The prolonged cuffs adjust to the shape of your wrist and hand and a hole for the thumb will give you more freedom of use.
● We use the sturdiest threads that are among others used for sewing parachutes - seams in our shirts are durable and light.
● Flat seams will make you forget about any discomfort or abrasions.
● The shirt has reflexives: on the left chest side (logo) and on the back (a stripe). Their place was chosen according to the rule of better visibility for the moving part of your body to give the drivers a variable signal.
● All year round - depending on the atmospheric conditions it can serve as the first layer (when it is warm) or the second layer (when it is cold).


Move to mysterious Japan! The amazing  Arashiyama bamboo grove transmits its power to you. While running, immerse yourself  in countless shades of green, drawing energy from the rays of the sun, shining here and there. It is an enchanted forest in which you will hear the wonderful sounds of bamboos moved by the wind. Run to discover unknown corners of this place, that no one has gone before you. Look! The tiger hid in the thicket, watching the legendary koi fish. Let's go on – who knows what else might happen.


● 82% polyester
● 18% elastane


● The shirt can be washed in a washer set for max 40 degrees.
● Before putting it in the washer you should make sure there are no clothes with Velcro with sharp edges etc. which could lead to mechanical damages to the shirt.
● Use the program designed for sports clothes.

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