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A sports shirt that will work on cold days thanks to the three innovative materials. Cubic Guard is your personal protection against the wind and the cold. Additional insets of Brisk 3D Ultra will support you by transporting the moisture which your body produced during the activity. The collar and the cuffs align with the body protecting you from the cold getting inside. Under the neck we put a short zipper with a latch. A pocket with a grommet will fit in little things and listen to the music comfortably. Three reflexives for increased safety. Mosaic Yasei pattern is a journey to the heart of the Japanese bamboo grove.


● Colour: green and orange
● Materials: Cubic Guard / Brisk 3D Ultra / Resi Slim
● Substance: 210 g/m2 / 135 g/m2 / 150 g/m2


To make our shirt we used Cubic Guard. It has an innovative microcellular structure that was inspired by the construction of a breakwater. The microcells have a 3D construction and the gusts of wind get scattered against their surface.
A delicate mesh lining the inside of the shirt will help you keep the optimal body temperature. It also provides thermal balance between thermal comfort and breathability. Cubic Guard efficiently transports the moisture to the outside so that the body does not get cold. This durable, resistant to wearing down and functional material will let you enjoy the clothes attributes for a long time.
You can see distinctive panels under the armpits. We made them from Brisk 3D Ultra whose task is to immediately collect the moisture from the skin. Then it disperses the moisture over the material, transports it to the outside and then it evaporates it. The cuffs were made from a delicate to touch Resi Slim, which stretches in four directions adjusting to the shape of your wrists. The collar is finished off with the same and very nice to touch material.
This support you will appreciate during different activities in changeable conditions: running, mountain trips, horse-riding or travelling. It will also work in everyday life – when moving between the car and airconditioned office. This shirt is a Polish product.


● A shirt with excellent functionality which combines advantages of 3 innovative materials. Thanks to that it is your shield against the cold.
● To make this shirt we mostly used Cubic Guard, which works similarly to the breakwater structure. This fabric is your shield on colder days but also in windy weather.
● For the best transportation of moisture from the skin to the outside we decided on panelled design. This means that in higher perspiration zones you will find special Brisk 3D Ultra insets. They are in a shape of stripes which are placed on the sleeves (from the armpit to the cuffs) and on the back, too (from the neck to the buttocks).
● Zipper with a latch prevents its unzipping on its own. Thanks to that you can control how far or little you want it zipped. Such comfortable solution especially the weather conditions are changeable. The zipper is finished off with a protective chin flap.
● Non-compressive cuffs align with the wrist and give room for folding them up.
● You can easily store little things: at the back there is a pocket. It is zippered which you can find on the seam. It also has a grommet for the headphones wire so that it does not interfere with your training.
● We used the sturdiest threads so that our long sleeve had durable and light seams at the same time. This technology is used when making parachutes.
● For your comfort we used flat seams: thanks to them you will forget about any irritation or abrasions.
● Taking care of your visibility during trainings we have put reflexives on the left side of the chest, right shoulder and at the back (vertical stripe).


Move to mysterious Japan! The amazing  Arashiyama bamboo grove transmits its power to you. While running, immerse yourself in countless shades of green, drawing energy from the rays of the sun, shining here and there. It is an enchanted forest in which you will hear the wonderful sounds of bamboos moved by the wind. Run to discover unknown corners of this place, that no one has gone before you. Look! The tiger hid in the thicket, watching the legendary koi fish. Let's go on – who knows what else might happen.


Cubic Guard:
● 100% polyester
Brisk 3D Ultra:
● 100% polyester
Resi Slim:
● 82% polyester
● 18% elastane


● The shirt can be washed in a washer set for max 40 degrees.
● Before putting it in the washer you should empty and zip up the pocket.
● Use the program designed for sports clothes.

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