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Color: black

Sex: Woman

A running sweatshirt with a hood for special tasks. It is zippered all the way. Its purpose is to be used in the autumn / winter season. It provides thermal comfort during exercise and protects against cooling thanks to the use of Cubic Guard fabric. It can be used when exercising outside on chilly, cold and windy days. It works during running, Nordic walking, biking or mountain climbing or simply walking.
The best protection against cooling will be achieved when used as the second layer of clothing.


- The sweatshirt has a hood whose circumference, according to the individual's shape of the head, can be regulated by a cord with a stopper. It covers the neck and the head against strong bursts of wind and also protects against the unexpected snowfall.
- The zipper which is sewn on the sweatshirt's entire length has got a special click that functions as a blockade and prevents the zipper's undoing. In the upper part the zipper is finished off with a tiny flap which protects your chin against any irritation.
- The zipper opens in its entire length which allows you to adjust your clothing to the changing weather conditions in a training: the sweatshirt can be undone any time, easily and quickly.
- There are two pockets in the front part which are also zippered. They are capacious and will hold all the necessary accessories. Its design provides protection against slipping out of those accessories. In the back there is a third zippered pocket has got a cleat for the headphones which in turn protects the equipment and is a nice bow towards sport's lifestyle.
- The sleeves are finished off with a cuff in the form of non-compressing welt and they adapt to the shape of your wrist and hand. Such solution helps maintain optimal temperature. In this place there is also an slit for the thumb which gives the user full mobility and maneuverability.
- The bottom part of the sweatshirt also has got stopper regulated cord which helps adjust the sweatshirt to the shape of your silhouette. This kind of protection helps shield you from strong gusts of wind.


The sweatshirt was made from a pleasant material called Cubic Guard which has a lattice structure. It isolates form the adverse weather conditions. It stands as a barier in contact with the chill, cold and frost, at the same time protecting one from cooling off. Yet, it also breathes and protects one from overheating, too.
On the inside in the front part the sweatshirt was finished off with a lining. The net meshwork helps wick away the excess heat gradually thus providing thermal safety. Such action makes it possible to use fewer layers of clothing that you put on under the sweatshirt.
The sweatshirt doesn't lose colors in washing or fade in the sunlight even after long-term use. It is characterised with highest quality, it is durable and retains its shape and structure. Flat and elastic seams were used here, which are both durable and strong, don't cause abrasions and don't break but cooperate with the material.


Taking care of the user safety, the sweatshirt is equipped with a reflective element on the front in the shape of our logo. Its place was chosen according to the principle of greater visibility, so that the moving part of the body sends a variable signal to the driver on your evening training route.

Galaxy Pink

Pink means delicateness and subtlety. Galaxy Pink clearly shows that in the world of sport women also have their place.

*The model in the photo is 172cm tall and is wearing a sweatshirt size S.




Thermal comfort. The sweatshirt is made of Cubic Guard material, which has a grille structure. Provides a high level of thermoregulation. Is a barrier in contact with cold, cold and frost, thus protecting against hypothermia.
Windproof and breathable. It allows the body to breathe freely, so that it does not infuse. It is windproof.
The material does not lose color. It does not fade in washing and under the influence of sunlight, thanks to which the clothes look like new for a long time.
The knitwear is very durable. Abrasion and tear resistant. It is characterized by additional stretch.


Cubic Guard:

- has a lattice structure,
- is skin friendly,
- it insulates well from wind and cold,
- breathes well,
- it is windproof,
- guarantees thermal comfort,
- drains moisture and heat,
- protects the body against overheating,
- protects the body against hypothermia,
- dries quickly,
- protects colors,
- not allergic.

Composition: Polyester 100%.

Weight: 210g /m2

Women's bomber jacket

Size XS S M L XL
Height 158 - 164 160 - 164 165 - 170 171 - 178 174 - 180
Bust 78 - 86 86 - 92 92 - 98 98 - 106 106 - 112
58 - 63 61 - 66 67 - 72 73 - 80 78 - 83
Sleeve length 56 58 60 62 64
The length of the sweatshirt 62 64 66 68 70