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    This reliable headband with excellent breathability parameters is perfect for year-round activities. Sewn from innovative Brisk 3D Ultra knitted fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and evaporates it instantly: this feature is especially appreciated in warm days. It is flexible and fits snugly to your head, thanks to that on colder or windy days it will protect your ears and sinuses from the cold. The headband is equipped with a reflector. Meadow Mosaic pattern is formed by a mosaic of the wildflowers, whose juicy, emanating energy colors symbolize the most beautiful face of summer - let yourself be guided by their power during any sporting challenge.

    Protection from wind


    Moisture wicking


    Protection from cold



    All-year-round product

    MATERIAL Brisk 3D Ultra

    Brisk 3D Ultra is your year-round protection against moisture and wind; thanks to its excellent breathability parameters, it works well on sweltering days. How does it work? The specialized construction of the knitted fabric works on a wick-like principle; it creates three-dimensional structures that draw moisture away from the skin and spread it out over its surface. This allows air to penetrate the material structure, drying it quickly. Enjoy saturated colors of your headband for longer: they do not wash out and do not fade when exposed to sunlight.



    This is a headband which proves itself during the most intensive exertion. You can use it all year round for various activities such as running or OCR. It is also an excellent choice for you if you ride a bike: put the headband under your helmet to absorb moisture. Try it while trekking, during a squash or tennis match. 

  • Benefits

    Protects against eye irritation
    Immediate moisture absorption and rapid evaporation prevents moisture from entering the eyes, thus protecting you from irritation.

    The specialized knitted fabric makes the headband airy, wicks moisture away and dries quickly. Indispensable support during highly demanding training sessions.

    Efficient moisture absorption and wicking will be appreciated on sweltering days, it will protect your ears and sinuses from chills on cool mornings and while cycling.

  • Functions

    Appropriate height
    The headband protects you in all weather conditions thanks to its appropriately selected height.

    Best protection against moisture
    For very long, intense training, follow our advice: wear the headband and complement it with our hat with a visor: moisture doesn't stand a chance with this set.

    The size of your choice
    Adjust the headband to fit you by selecting the right size. Measure the circumference of your head from your forehead, over your ears and at the nape of your neck. We have two options for you:
    S/M - head circumference 46-54 cm
    M/L - head circumference 54-62 cm

    Compact and handy
    Carry the headband with you so you can use it whenever you need to: it fits easily in your bag or backpack.

    Flat seams
    You will avoid irritation or chafing of head's sensitive skin: we opted for the tried-and-tested flat seams.

    Long-lasting colors
    Enjoy your favorite colors for a long time - they won't fade or peel thanks to the excellent quality of the material.

    Reflective element
    We placed a reflective element in the form of a logo on the headband.

  • Care

    • Machine washable (max. temperature 40°C)
    • Wash with similar colors
    • Use a program designed for sportswear
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not chlorinate
    • Do not dry clean
    • Do not dry in the tumble dryer

  • Detailed information

    Collection: Bloom SS2023
    Category: running
    Pattern: Meadow Mosaic
    Color: blue, red, purple, yellow, green
    Product code: AOL-17M4
    Material: Brisk 3D Ultra
    Material grammage: 135 g/m2
    Material composition: 100% polyester

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