Price: 32,25€
Lead time: 2 working days




Colour: multicolour

Material: Brisk 3D Ultra

Fabric weight: 135 g/m2


A functional sports visor that will be a great support during your activities. The visor not only protects you from the sun but also wicks moisture actively. Wear it to protect your eyes from sweat. The visor does not heat up and comes with adjustable closure.


The city suffused with a golden glow of sunlight looks enchanted. Take a sip of a cocktail of sunny energy and head out for your morning workout! Run down the street where a flickering warm light has just spread. The windows of the skyscrapers sparkle as if painted with a magic brush. You can take some photos or just enjoy the view. The sun artist paints differently for everyone and these images are just for you. Choose Gamo Yellow, it is as bright as the sun!


  • The visor has three important functions: it shields your eyes from the sun, protects your skin from sun rays and wicks moisture away from your scalp and forehead. Even during an intense workout, you will not have to worry about sweat, so you can enjoy your activity.
  • If you know that you are facing a demanding workout, we have a tip for you: complement your visor with an AOL headband. With such support, you can forget about sweat dripping into your eyes.
  • The visor is well-profiled: slightly rounded and stiffened with four stitches.
  • To make sure the visor fits different head sizes, we went for a circumference adjustment in the form of the strap at the back. Once adjusted, the strap can be simply fastened and slid into a special hole so nothing disturbs your mind. The strap is attached to an elastic band to prevent a squeezing sensation on the head. You will not feel any inconvenience even during a heavy workout.
  • The visor is one size fits all. It is designed for circumferences from 55 to 67 cm.
  • Thanks to the flat seams, the visor does not irritate the skin and does not cause chafing.
  • The product is the equivalent of the ACT running cap. If you are not into caps, or you fancy a change, opt for the visor.


Our ADR sports visor is made of Brisk 3D Ultra fabric. This material has a unique structure. It is made of 3D channels, which - working like a candle wick - draw moisture away from the skin. It then distributes it over the surface of the fabric, which means it dries very quickly. Thanks to its innovative construction, the material is highly breathable - a feature that is so important for sports enthusiasts. Brisk 3D Ultra offers bright, eye-catching colours, even after many washes and workouts in the sun. These advantages make the Brisk 3D Ultra the perfect option for warm days and intense exercise. The multisport visor works perfectly when running, cycling, playing Frisbee or tennis. It's also a great everyday accessory (it will complement your styling beautifully!) and when travelling. Remember to protect your head and drink plenty of water in hot weather! The visor was made for you in Poland.

Composition: 100% polyester


  1. The visor can be washed in a washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees maximum.
  2. Use a sportswear washing programme.