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Product code: ADR-11S1

Colour: Multicolour

Gender: Unisex


Welcome to our geometric ecosystem. If it were music, then definitely free jazz, if cuisine - only fusion. Lose yourself in the energetic composition of the colours of nature to find the key to solve our puzzle. Let yourself be carried away by your imagination and discover virgin lands with us. Touch the rough black rock that will give you strength, immerse yourself in the harmonious green of the jungle - la selva. Take over the volcanic energy of our fiery red. Find relief in the cool blue water, let the air, symbolized by white, refresh you. Here is a picture of our world closed in an aesthetic pattern.

Krado is a virgin island, shown in a new way for us. We are moving in the direction of nature, but we also want to follow new paths. Energetic and refreshing colours of fauna and flora arranged in a modern form. This time we were inspired by the queen of sciences - mathematics.

Release your energy by putting on the Krado sun visor!


Our sun visor is a perfect alternative for those who are not into sports caps. The visor is slightly rounded and stiffened, with stitching. The material used does not lose colour nor fade under the influence of sunlight even after long-term use. We used flat and flexible, yet strong seams that do not cause abrasions. Our visor is equipped with an elastic band for adjustable circumference and better fitting.


Brisk 3D Ultra material most important task is to wick the moisture away instantly and efficiently. Due to the characteristic fibre weave, the sweat is quickly absorbed by the fabric while the air is filtered through the 3D structure. For best usage of the material, we applied a second layer inside the cap construction. You can enjoy a comfortable workout as unnecessary moisture is no longer your concern. Thanks to the Brisk Ultra 3D properties, salty sweat will not get into your eyes so you can forget about irritation and pricking sensation. The material has also excellent breathability parameters. Our cap will work perfectly during intense physical activity, but also in the mountains, on a bike or while travelling.


One Size - head circumference from 55 to 67 cm.

These details make a difference:

• the abrasion-resistant material does not lose colour in washing or under the influence of sunlight;

• it protects your eyes from sweat;

• the suitable cut makes it easy to adapt according to your needs;

• we use top quality threads that are also used in aviation – that is kind of durability you can trust;

• perfect for all kind of stylisations;

• delicate and skin-friendly material.

The sun visor was manufactured for You in Poland.


Ultralekki. Daszek wykonano z ultralekkiego materiału Brisk 3D Ultra.

Zachowuje się niczym druga skóra. Jest delikatny, przyjazny dla skóry, nie powoduje podrażnień i otarć.

Oddycha. Szybko odparowuje pot na zewnątrz, dzięki czemu tkanina pozostaje sucha.

Nie chłonie wody, odprowadza wilgoć.

Materiał nie traci kolorów. Nie blaknie w praniu i pod wpływem działania promieni słonecznych, dzięki czemu wygląda jak nowy przed długi czas.

Brisk 3D Ultra

- jest przyjazny dla skóry;
- delikatny;
- przyjemny w dotyku;
- dobrze oddycha;
- odprowadza wilgoć;
- szybko schnie;
- nie ociera podczas treningu;
- chroni kolory;
- nie uczula;
- nie mechaci się w praniu.

Skład: Polyester 100%.