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Product code: ATS-11S1

Color: Multicolor

Gender: Women's

Composition: 100% polyester

A large, very roomy sports bag. To the hand and shoulder. In several designs and colors. Works in many sport-related situations. You can take her to the competition, to the swimming pool, fitness or gym. Ideal for active people - before and after training, during tourist trips. Its universal, urban character allows you to use it also every day - for work or shopping.

The bag has dimensions:

- Width: 15 cm,
- Height: 34 cm,
- Length: 47 cm,
- Handle length: 53 cm,
- Detachable handle length: 76 - 134 cm,
- Main zip length: 62 cm.

Extremely roomy and functional

The bag has one extremely capacious main compartment with a zipper. It can easily fit a pair of shoes, a full sports outfit, towel, training snacks, documents or telephone.
It was made of quilted material. It gives a unique and unrepeatable style, as well as enables its use in many atmospheric conditions. The bag will hold heavier items due to the use of flexible, yet durable and strong seams that do not break but work together with the material. At the same time, it is nice and soft.

Hand and shoulder

The bag is finished with two handles in the form of ears. Their attachment in the central part allows for even distribution of gravity while holding it in hand. This facilitates the use of the bag - especially at its maximum filling. In addition, it has a long, adjustable strap, so you can easily hang it over your shoulder and adapt it to the circumstances. The strap is terminated on both sides with carabiners - it can be completely detached.

Many pockets

The bag has a total of seven pockets, different sizes, which allows segregation of small items stored in it. Outside, in the front, there is a large pocket with a latch. On the sides, just below the belt buckles, it has two smaller pockets with a latch. The other four pockets are inside.
On the back of the bag - a large zippered pocket plus an integrated open pocket in the form of a cache. On the opposite side there is a pocket closed with a latch, and inside it is hidden another one with a zipper.


The bag has four subtle metal legs that isolate it from the ground. They protect against dirt and material destruction.

The bag is made of waterproof, quilted material. Opening the bag is with a double zipper (zipper length 62cm). A removable shoulder pad and double strap will allow you to comfortably carry the bag, the material is soft and pleasant to the touch, but also durable. In organizing things, pockets, both on the sides, front and back, fastened with a snap, will definitely help. Precious things, you can safely hide in two pockets inside with a zipper, in addition there is an additional pocket with a latch. The difficulty with finding a ringing phone in your purse will end, a specially designed, smaller pocket is used. Above the bottom are 4 metal feet that isolate the bag from the ground, which will protect the bag from dirt and damage. Dimensions: Width: 15 cm Height: 34 cm Length: 47 cm Handle length: 53 cm Detachable handle length: 76 - 134 cm