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Product code: TSL-1VK

Color: Multicolor

Sex: Woman


A big, multifunctional lifestyle bag in a few patterns and colour options. It will be practical for everyday use: shopping, walk or to school. It can serve as a summer bag, beach bag, swimming pool bag, yoga or fitness practice bag. Its handy character makes it possible to be taken anywhere.

Very Capacious

The bag's measurements are:
- width in the upper part – around 47 cm,
- width in the lower part – around 37 cm,
- height in the middle - around 39 cm.

It has got a pair of handles with the total length of about 62 cm, so it is easy to swing over your shoulder.
It was sewn from a delicate and nice to touch material. It is capacious and durable too. It can hold heavy objects, thanks to the strong, elastic and durable seams, which do not break but cooperate with the material.

Two Pockets

The bag has got two pockets in a form of secret compartment separated with a divider. They are placed in the front section of the bag. Inside the bag is empty and leaves a lot of room for your necessities.

One instead of many

The bag was sewn from a loose material so that after emptying its contents it could easily be folded. That makes it compact and user-friendly. It takes up little room and you can put it your everyday handbag. Its reusability is aimed at reducing the number of plastic bags used every day and so producing less waste. Its creation is to serve a greater idea of environmental protection.

Composition: 100% poliester


The combination of white, pale violet and sunny yellow is the quintessence of freshness and energy. All that with the background of the Nessi Galaxy pattern - symbols and emblems of the brand: the cat, the owl nd the mosaic. The hand-painted, photographed and transported onto the fibre flowers will fix your mood up and invigorate you – not only during training! 


Composition: Polyester 100%