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Product code: TLR-1VK

Color: Multicolor

Sex: Unisex


A handy messenger bag, organizer type. In several designs and color versions. It works on a daily basis, and its handy character allows you to take it with you everywhere. Perfect for people who always have lots of little things with them.

The bag's size:

• length - about 27cm
• width - about 23 cm

The messenger bag has one main chamber closed by a flap with a magnetic clasp. It has been finished with an adjustable strap, making it easy to hang it over the shoulder. The bag is made of a delicate and pleasant to the touch material. Smooth on the outside, quilted on the inside, which gives it a unique and unrepeatable style. It will carry heavier items, thanks to the use of elastic, yet durable and strong seams that do not rip but work together with the material.

Multiple pockets

The bag has a total of five pockets, which allows you to segregate the items stored in it. Outside, on the back there is a zip pocket, which gives quick and easy access. The four remaining pockets are inside. The flap, from the inside - zippered, and in the main compartment - zippered, fastened with a press stud and in the form of a hidden pocket.


The combination of white, pale violet and sunny yellow is the quintessence of freshness and energy. All that with the background of the Nessi Galaxy pattern - symbols and emblems of the brand: the cat, the owl nd the mosaic. The hand-painted, photographed and transported onto the fibre flowers will fix your mood up and invigorate you – not only during training! 


Composition: Polyester 100%