Price: 5,75€


Product code: MN-1

Color: Black - white

Sex: Unisex

Universal short sports socks with the shock absorbing system. They work best during running, Nordic Walking, trekking, bicycling, roller-skating or roller-blading trainings.

Ventilation zones
The MN model will pass the test of intensive and lasting many hours trainings. Special ventilation zones increasing the breathability were applied here which allow the sweat to be transported off the skin's surface successfully. It prevents scalding and overheating giving freedom of movement to your feet. The material is nice and safe for the skin and is non-allergenic. On top of that it dries very quickly.

Shock absorption
In the MN model a delicate, skin-friendly cotton was combined with modern solutions. Triple terry successfully absorbs the vibrations which raises user's comfort. It is very durable, resistant to wearing down and ripping. Flat, strong and durable seams were used in the socks which don't irritate the skin and don't break, which saves feet from abrasions.

Especially designed system of welting keeps the socks in one position, they do not roll. You don't have to pull them up during the activities, they always stay in place.
On top of the above, they don't lose colours, don't fade in washing or after the exposure to the sun - they look new for a long time.



They protect the ankles against injuries thanks to the use of lycra fibres .
They do not move around your feet. The special welt in the middle of your foot keeps the sock in place.
They breathe well. Using the special construction yarn as well as the ventilation zones, makes it possible fot the foot to stay dry as the moisture is quickly transported off the skin's surface.
They absorb shock. The triple terry material muffles the vibrations perfectly and so protects the sensitive parts of feet.
They are durable. Lycra keeps the sock's construction intact even after multiple washings.
They are skin-friendly. The socks were made from a high quality cotton, which is soft and delicate.


Composition: Cotton 85%, Elastane 10%, Gumitex 5%.