Thermoactive SN socks and SN running socks are products designed for people who are intensely training and demanding sports disciplines in which feet and legs are subjected to exceptional loads. This is what should not be taken care of in the first place, investing not only in convenient and suitably adapted shoes, but also SN running socks or SN socks allowing full protection of sensitive skin on feet exposed to abrasion, excessive moisture, soreness or blistering, which later makes it impossible to continue training. SN ski socks are thermo-active products made of modern Polen fiber, protecting both feet against excessive heat loss on the ski slope or while running, but also providing adequate ventilation that wicks away excess moisture at the right time, preventing the development of harmful microorganisms causing unpleasant ailments what are foot mycosis. SN ski socks can be effectively used also by runners, because their modern construction system effectively prevents sliding off and moving on to them, which can cause considerable discomfort during training. Thermoactive SN ski socks also have special reinforced zones located in places particularly vulnerable to injuries, such as the calf, heel and midfoot, which protects them from possible injuries. Thermoactive ski and running socks SN is a modern answer from Nessi for the needs of people who appreciate the full comfort and comfort during training of extremely demanding sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and running. During the ride on the slope or intensive cross-country training, it is difficult to find a peaceful place and a moment to correct slipping and unpleasantly oppressive socks. No wonder that finding a solution that provides comfort to the trainers has become one of the determinants of Nessi's search, which began its activity in the sportswear market from the production of sports socks. Modern technology and specialized constructions allow contemporary sport enthusiasts and active lifestyle to fully enjoy the pleasure of effort, without dealing with bothersome and not exactly matched elements of clothing. Nessi clothing and accessories are passionately created products that respond to the needs of our customers, so they are popular not only in Poland, but also win European markets.

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