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Product code: DSL-11S1

Color: Multicolored

Sex: Woman

Comfortable and airy during heatwaves

A true, summer banger! Shorts, which were created for women who train in high temperatures, regardless of covered kilometers. Lightly, airily and roomily. They are also quite comfy thanks to the sewn-in briefs. This means you don't need another pair of undies which in hot weather is an advantage.
The shorts have ot a sewn-in non-compressing rubber band which also doesn't constrict movement and helps keep the shorts in place.

Two zippered pockets

The short also have two zippered pockets. On the left side there is a smaller one for tissues, keys and change, and on the right a bigger one which without a problem can hold a mobile phone.


Their purpose is one - train till you are out of breath. Run, train at the gym, make mountain hiking happen or biking routes.
Combined with the unique pattern designs and uncommon colors you get a product in which you will want to go for another training.

Perfect ventilation

The light and airy Brisk 3D Ultra material, from which the shorts are made, doesn't constrict movement and gives you total flexibility during the training. The channel system of the weave takes care of the perfect air circulation wicking away the excess moisture to the outside. They provide extra ventilation - they breathe well. The briefs, on the other hand, are made from Flexible Slim material, which provides excellent ventilation and quick moisture excess transportation to the outside.


Just look at the interweaving colours when grey and white interweave symmetrically with red and shades of blue. This patterns looks like a 3D relief imprinted in silver. It was made with the utmost precision down to the tiniest detail – for the fans of symmetry and ethnic style.

* The model in the photo is 172 cm tall and is wearing shorts size S.


Brisk 3d Ultra

The shorts were made from the innovative weave called Brisk 3D Ultra which wicks away the moisture excellently. It doesn't absorb water. It transports it to the outside and gives a great feeling of dryness, and, as a result, during the training despite the fact that you sweat, the clothing doesn't stick to your skin.
It breathes. Its characteristic weave from 3D fibres makes quick breathability possible and the looseness of the weaves make the dress feel delicate and light for the body. It also allows good air circulation.
It doesn't lose colours in washing or in the exposure to the sun which lets it look new for a long time.
It is exceptionally durable. The weave is very durable, resistant to wearing down or ripping. It is characterised by additional elasticity.

- it is nice to touch,
- it is skin-friendly,
- it wicks away the moisture,
- it breathes well,
- it protects the colours,
- it is durable,
- it stretches.

Weight: 135g/m2

Flexible Slim

It acts like the second skin. The additional material from which the shorts are made is Flexible Slim behaving like the second skin. The weave stretches in four directions which provides best fit to every silhouette.
The delicate and skin-friendly material doesn't cause abrasions or irritation to the skin.
It breathes. The material breathes really well thanks to which the sweat is quickly transported to the outside and the weave remains dry.
The material doesn't lose colours in washing or in the exposure to the sun which makes it look new for a long time.

- an upgraded version of Flexible Fit,
- it is skin-friendly,
- it is exceptionally delicate and thin,
- it breathes well,
- it doesn't cause abrasions during the trainings,
- it protects the colours,
- it is non-allergenic.

Composition: 82% polyester, 18% elastane.
Weight: 190 g m2

Women's shorts

Size XS S M L
Height 156-162 160-168 164-172 166-178
Waist 58-62 62-67 67-73 73-80
Hips 84-91 91-98 98-105 105-112


* The model in the picture is 162 cm tall and wearing S size shorts.