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Product code: OSKK-9G7

Color: Multicolored

Sex: Woman

Short leggings going no lower than a little above the knee, finished off with a silicone tape to prevent rolling up. Brisk Soft gussets provide better ventilation keeping the user's feeling of freshness and comfort.
They will work nicely in the summer during physical activities in the open air as well as indoors all-year-round, during running trainings, bicycling, exercises in the fitness hall or at the gym.

Silicone tape

The pantlegs were finished off with the silicone tape on the inside which helps keeping hem in place. hanks to that tape the leggings don't roll up even during a ultra run. The tape adheres to the body, it doesn't compress, it doesn't cause abrasions and it is non-allergenic.

Panel structure supporting the thighs' muscles

The leggings are characterised by the panel structure supporting the thighs' muscles. It supports its work and keeps your body under control and ensures a better alignment with the body.

Zippered pocket and a regulated belt

The leggings have got a zippered back pocket which will hold all the necessary accessories: a large phone, keys, energy gels or tissues. The elastic material stabilizes the items in place, and the zips provide quick access to the contents and protect the small items from slipping out. Additionally, the leggings have got an elastic belt with a string to regulate its tightness. It provides adjustment and stabilization in the waist thanks to that they always stay in place during the training activity. 

Flexible Ultra 4K Conveniences

The leggings were made from a high quality Flexible Ultra 4K. It behaves like the second skin, it is delicate, nice in touch and skin-friendly. It cooperates with the body adjusting to the silhouette. It is elastic and stretches in four directions, masking the body's flaws and emphasizes the feminine shapes. The leggings don't roll up. They offer freedom of movement and full comfort. The technical cut prevents them from sliding down. You don't have to pull them up because they hold onto your body. They aren't transparent during bend overs or stepping forward. They use flat and flexible, and at the same time durable and strong seams that do not irritate or rip but work together with the material. Flexible Ultra 4K is characterized with high breathability parameters. The materials wicks away and enables the transportation of moisture to the outside which keeps great feeling of comfort when doing physical activities. It protects against wind. Additionally, it dries very quickly and is resistant to wearing down. It doesn’t lose colours in washing and in the exposure to sun even in the long-term use. It is safe for the skin. 

Brisk Soft gussets

The leggings were equipped with Brisk Soft gussets on the inside and outside of the pantlegs. Brisk Soft's role is increasing breathability and providing better ventilation in the sensitive areas during the physical activity. It wicks away the sweat off of the skin's surface to the outside thanks to which the feeling of freshness and comfort can be kept on every day and even on a hot day. The body stays dry and the leggings don't stick to it. 

4K quality print and originally designed patterns with a 3D effect

The leggings have got a detailed finish-off. 4K print technology with which they were made allows achieving such 3D patterns. Thanks to that they look like a painting, its colours are expressive and extremely close to the real colours and shades.


Taking care of your safety, the leggings were equipped with reflectives – in the front on the left thigh in the form of our logo, and on the calves in the back in the form of horizontal row of dots. Their place was chosen according to the principle of greater visibility, so that your moving parts of the body send a variable signal to the drivers on your evening training route.

Galaxy Blue

The world of Nessi in one pattern? Galaxy Blue will add electric power and a fresh breeze to your style.
The symbols that are present there are the essence of all so far created ones by the brand's collections where the owls, cats, and of course the artistic mosaic rule.

* The model in this photo is 172 cm tall and is wearing leggings size S. 


Leggings were made from Flexible Ultra 4K material, the newest generation fabric, which combines perfect technological quality with the perfection in the making and finishing it off.

It behaves like the second skin. It is delicate, elastic and breathes perfectly. It is skin-friendly, doesn't irritate the skin or cause abrasions.

It breathes. It quickly wicks the sweat away to the outside thanks to which the material stays dry. Another advantage of this fabric is the strength and elasticity of the weave.

Material doesn't lose colors. The colors don't fade in the washing or in the sun, thanks to which the clothes look like new for a long time.

The weave is very durable. It is resistant to wearing down and ripping. It is characterized by extra stretchiness.

The print in the 4K quality with a 3D effect. The 4K technology used here provides the 1st class print. Its high resolution gives the 3D effect which in turn guarantees the richness of paints, shades and colors.

Flexible Ultra 4K quality combined with the 4K print makes the material non-transparent even in the lowest bend overs or squats.


Flexible Ultra HD 4K


- skin-friendly,
- delicate,
- nice to touch,
- breathes well,
- wicks away the moisture,
- durable,
- stretchy,
- dries quickly,
- doesn't irritate the skin during the training,
- protects colors,
- is non-allergenic,
- doesn't pill in the washing.

Composition: 86% polyester, 14% elastane.

Brisk Soft

Material is used on the sides of the legs. That allows to quickly transport the moisture to the outside in the key areas. It breathes excellently. It gives a high feeling of dryness and this is why despite the fact that you sweat the clothes don't stick to the body.

Skin- friendly. It doesn't cause irritation or abrasions.

Material doesn't lose colors. The colors don't fade in the washing or in the sun, thanks to which the clothes look like new for a long time.

The weave is very durable. It is resistant to wearing down and ripping. It is characterized by extra stretchiness.


- nice to touch,
- wicks away the moisture,
- with the tiniest weave,
- airy,
- delicate for the skin,
- durable,
- protects colors,
- doesn't absorb water.

Composition: 100% polyester.

Leggings short

Size XS S M L XL
Height 156-162 160-168 164-172 166-178 166-178
Waist 60-65 65-68 68-74 74-82 82-87
Hips 84-91 91-98 98-105 105-112 112- 119